Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Projects

This summer we have done some big projects.  Wouldn't it be nice if I ever remembered to take before pictures?  I at least have some pictures during the process of doing one of our projects.  Here's what we've done:

I refinished the porch furniture.  I think Connor sprayed some polyurethane on them for me.  We've had the furniture for years, and you could really tell.

We refinished the kitchen table.  What a lot of work!  It looks good, as long as you aren't a perfectionist and don't look too closely.  It looks a lot better than it did, and that has to count for something!

All of our boys helped, and so even though you don't see Jake pictured, you can know that he did his fair share! I stained the table, and Derek, Jake, and I added the coats of polyurethane. Here's the finished table, with the not refinished chairs:

And finally, a project that has been in the works for years, and is finally about done -- the garden.  I always found our garden space a little too big and overwhelming.  A couple of years ago Derek built me garden boxes, which I love.  Last year Derek built a bike shed, with a bit of help from the boys, especially Connor. This year we reinforced the bike shed and have done a lot of rock work.  Here are the pictures for you to admire:

We still have a few things to finish on the outside of the garden, and a few things to plant on the inside and outside of the garden, but I love how it is turning out!  When I got the camera to take pictures this morning, Dan said that I should give my pictures to someone at a magazine.  He thought they would probably want to put them in their magazine with some other garden pictures.  I love Dan!  All of my boys were very good workers and moved a lot of rock from the truck to the garden.  Hooray for helpful boys and finished projects!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Connor's 16th Birthday

On Monday, we celebrated Connor's 16th birthday with him.  Connor is talented at about anything he tries, though he doesn't think so.  He has a great sense of humor, is a good helper, and is a good friend for his brothers and sisters.  He is a good example of someone who works to do what is right, and finds joy in making good choices.  He isn't perfect.  Sometimes he even gets grumpy!  But, he is perfect for our family. We love Connor!
Connor and his birthday loot.  The shirt says something like,
"I didn't get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts so I'm leaving the Shire to become a Jedi"

You've got to love the smile!

This is Connor and a sleepy Dan on birthday morning.

In this picture Connor is being sung to.  The phone is being held up because Trisa
was on the phone singing happy birthday too.  I think Kayli even put the phone to Connor's ear
once so that he could hear her.

Connor took two blows to blow out his 7 candles (1 on one side and 6 on the other -- for 16)
Does that mean his wish won't come true for two years?  Or just one extra year?
Happy Birthday Connor!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kayli's High School Graduation

Last Wednesday (May 28) Kayli graduated from Salem Hills High School.  
Hooray Kayli!

Kayli  lined up for the trip around the track.

Connor, Tia, and Kayli after graduation.

Kayli and her parents.

Kayli, Marshayla (a good friend), and Derek

Madison, Kayli, Marshayla, Derek

Grandpa and Grandma C., Kayli, and Grandma and Grandpa F.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kayli's Seminary Graduation

On Sunday May 25th Kayli graduated from LDS Seminary.  This is a four year course that covers the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. Kayli always loved seminary, and she did well.  We are proud of Kayli!
I know this is about Kayli, but look how tall her buddy (brother) Connor is!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Derek's Birthday Celebration

Derek's birthday celebration started when he got home from work.  His requested dinner of rigatoni was mostly ready, and when we were done consuming the feast we started on the activities that we have pictures of, and so I'll let the pictures do the talking -- mostly.

 If you wonder why we do a pinata, besides the obvious reason that Derek's birthday is on Cinco de Mayo, just look at Derek's face in the pictures above.

 Derek picked out his main present, and this is him giving the present a try after he opened his "surprise" gift.
 What's so funny?  Derek just lit his own candle and the dead tulip on fire.  
 Gearing up to blow all of those candles out.  You might read that with a slightly sarcastic tone of voice.
This is Derek's "innocent" face as he explains that he had no idea that the dead tulip was flammable.

Next we started watching the second Hobbit movie that he bought for himself.  He also got some nice notes from siblings, gifts from both sets of parents (mine and his), and calls from Trisa, Travis, and Tia.  Because of these things, even though he had to go to work, it was still a happy birthday.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kayli's Senior Prom

Tait and Kayli
Looking Great!

Easter Loot, Easter Dress

Here is our Easter loot.  We are all spoiled.  The candy I got was delicious.  Dan had half of his peeps (5) eaten before lunch!  The five that were left didn't last long.  Connor had the big giant book you see on the right side of the table read within 3 days, and Jake enjoyed using the pickle ball set in the road with his Dad.
This is Kayli in the Easter dress I bought for her when she was at school.  Kayli is so beautiful!

The day before Easter we had our annual Easter Egg hunt with Derek's side of the family.  I didn't take any pictures since I left my camera at home, but fun was had by all, and goodies were abundant.  Four days later Connor went on a walk with Kayli to their grandparents house and found three pieces of candy in the field that people had missed.  It makes me wonder how much more is out there, but now it has rained quite a lot so it might not be in good shape.

Easter week celebrations went on the whole week before Easter.  The week seemed more busy than usual, but I love Easter Week and was glad for the chance to think about Jesus a little extra every day!