Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wicked Plants

We watched an old horror movie about wicked plants called the Triphids. I have my own evil plant -- but at least it doesn't uproot itself and chase me. This is one of my rose bushes and it has lots of little, spindly, very pokey branches that grow out farther and faster than I want them to. I have to trim this bush twice as much as the others and it takes longer because there are so many extremely dangerous little branches. I've requested its removal -- but nobody, including me, is volunteering to get in there to try and dig it out.
Fortunately, unlike the evil triphids, my plant has a redeeming value. When it's blooming, its flowers are beautiful. Dan learned the hard way though that you do not want to fall into its wickedly sharp branches. He went walking over to it though, and it did not chase him so I guess I'll keep my rose bush and be thankful it's not a wicked Triphid.
By the way -- this "horror" movie made Tia laugh. We think the triphids were riding skateboards.


Megz said...

Does Der know you posted that picture for all the world to see? Not that he doesn't look good with an apron on, but some may wonder...
At least old horror movies can be a good substitute for current naughty comedies. And what is a triphid?

Sher said...

Triphids look like a cross between evil tulips and evil sunflowers. They walk in a funny manner and from a distance they look like they're skate boarding. If one eats you -- the leftover parts are green.

Derek says that picture will be removed soon.

Leah Dozier said...

I love it, I just trimmed my rose bushes in the front yard. It's amazing how prickly they get over the winter, I suppose it's because they are all dried out. Triphids, interesting mental picture.