Tuesday, May 6, 2008

20th Wedding Anniversary -- May 11

Just over 20 years ago Derek's Mom threw a bridal shower for me. This is me in my wrapping paper "wedding dress". My hair was lots more curly back then and I was just beginning to learn the names of aunts and cousins. I think I had all of the brothers and sisters and their nick names down by then.
This was May 7, 1988! My Mom is on the far right. My dress was home made -- by my Mom I think since I'm not a seamstress. Only four more days until the wedding! Our singles ward only had one more Sunday to call us cute (something that was repeated frequently -- maybe to see Derek scowl).
Due to a miscommunication with the photographer we never had any professional pictures of our wedding. We had a professional video which disappeared sometime in the last five years -- which made me sad since the technology to take some still pictures from it exists now. Even with this, I always thought of our wedding day as the perfect day (sigh).

I really couldn't resist putting in this picture of our wedding line. My grandma is there! She was almost 85. The baby in the picture is my nephew who will be back from his mission next month! The tall one is our friend, and best man. He was so nervous for us that morning that he got to the temple almost as early as we did. He kept us laughing while we stood in line. Always pick someone fun to stand next to you in a wedding line -- then the smiles don't have to be faked and you keep grinning even if the cheeks feel exhausted.

Uncle Brad is in line for some cake while Derek and I consulted together (and with our best man's advice) over the best way to proceed. I don't think we even fed each other cake -- if so it was not messy and therefore not too memorable. My Mom made the cake. It was good -- for months. We kept cake in our freezer and ate it until it was finally a bit freezer burned.


Megz said...

You looked WAAAAAY too young to be getting married. And can you imagine living in that basement apartment again? Congrats on the two decade mark--may you have several more celebrations to come!

Happy Mom said...

I absolutely love these pictures! Of course,I remember those days and can't believe it's been 20 years. As part of that singles ward that called you two cute, I must say that you're still cute (and still looking WAAAYYY too young). In honor of your wedding anniversary, we'll be celebrating Becca's 11th birthday. I shouldn't be surprised, since I can always remember your birthday too!

LC said...

Fun pictures and memories. It's true you both look amazingly young. what a happy day to look back upon!