Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Being Charitable

I've had several ideas that I could write about. My first idea was to write about the funny slip ups that people make in speaking. Then I thought -- is this charitable? Maybe they don't want to remember when they've goofed up in speaking. I think that Derek's co-worker will forgive me for mentioning his slip up in leaving out two words the other day. He was speaking at a convention recognition session after a banquet and he said "After today, you'll never be again". If that were true then I doubt we would have knowingly spent our last hours at the banquet / session -- even if the food was tasty -- but it was fish so I wouldn't have picked that for my last meal either.

Then -- frustrations. I must be having trouble being charitable or it would not bug me so much when my checker/bagger moves really slowly and then carefully packs my loaf of bread in with two boxes of crackers and the container of rice milk. I removed the bread trying to rescue it from a completely flattened state. All the while, Dan was not speeding up the process by moving the bagging turntable thing.

I tend to get easily frustrated when I'm tired. Thus Monday, when we were supposed to be getting ready for FHE (family home evening) I was trying to restrain myself from yelling at everyone and maybe even clobbering somebody. It is when I'm tired that I think my children don't work hard enough and are too loud. When I am not tired I may still think that but I'm nicer about it.

Finally -- true frustration is when you are looking forward to finally getting something done -- so you put your one year old down for a nap only to have him climb back out. Instead of charitably rejoicing in his accomplishment I just bemoaned my loss of quiet time. Now I have snoring on my shoulder and only one hand free. Argh.


cold cocoa said...

When are you going to quote me Sher? Let's see.."Frustration is merely a hiccup caused by the bubbly drink we call life. Like hiccups, they can be scared away by a positive attitude." EMCK.

What is the opposite of frustration anyway? Is it content flexibility?

T said...

currently frustration is that feeling you get when you return from the third shopping trip of the week for baseball treats, dance treats, etc... to be told that some child has to bring some thing to some event - tomorrow.

LC said...

Nice one EMCK!
Charity is on my list of things to get before I die. But, between fatigue, hunger, and hormonal waves it is ever challenging. I wouldn't have made a good pioneer.
You know how you make a point to visit with everyone in the family at each get together? That is very charitable

Megz said...

I strongly believe that being charitable about your checker will fool them into thinking you were OK standing in line with screaming children for 20 minutes, and how is that going to change anything for the better?
But on all other situations it is nice if you can step back and reframe your attitude or badittude, if it be.

Sher said...

Visiting with everyone at family gatherings is something I like to do so that probably can't be construed as charity can it? Wait -- does it have to be hard to be charity? And maybe I could be nice to the checker and whine to his supervisor behind his back? No, I have a screaming child -- no time for me to whine too.

Anna said...

Well, some days (or even weeks) are like that. But I'm convinced (or just wishing really hard), that the Lord is going to take all things into account when we are judged. If we're trying our best, even on the whiny, frustrating days, then I think we're going to "get credit" for at least trying. I also think I'm learning to put myself in time-out when I find that I'm being extra-uncharitable with my children. Some days I just have to walk away from the chaos and insulate myself until I'm ready to face it all again. That's why my house looks the way it does...

I agree with "T" also on the shopping thing. Aaagh!

Chris said...

Ouch! I feel convicted by all the uncharitable attitudes you described. I think I have them all and a lot more.

Perhaps liking something that others think is charitable, like visiting everyone at family get-togethers, is a sign that you're heart is right in that area. How could heaven be heaven if we won't like behaving celestially? I certainly don't think that Heavenly Father finds being charitable a chore.