Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun fashion for today.

Here are some examples of fashion (or lack of it) from my picture files. My niece looking very fine in her Mom's boots.
The girls are looking eighties for their uncles party.

Tia is dressed up in some nice Cambodian fabric. Dan is wearing his Aunt Tonya's boots. Doesn't he look fabulous?


Megz said...

I think we're missing a few Der in his flannel shorts and Hawaiian shirts, any picture of me in my teen years, Madeleine and Dan wearing everybody else's shoes at grandma's... and the list could go on. Thanks for the fun visuals!

T said...

everyone's lookin' good - especially since they have such fancy footwear :)

cold cocoa said...

Those are fun pictures. I agree with megan- get you and Derek in there in all your fun gear!

LC said...

Amen to what Megz said. We couldn't leave Mad.'s house until she had tried on all our croc's. We should all post some pics of our teen years--mine was the "grunge era" Baggy jeans and baggy shirts with Doc. Martens. Good thing I finally learned to embrace my femininity.