Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is a picture taken while Der and I were on our honeymoon. We couldn't really afford to go anywhere fun but we stopped anywhere that looked pretty and took pictures. We did have a one nights stay at a cabin as a gift, but then we drove to Price and stayed in a dingy room with a squeaky bathroom door. Hey -- it still gives us chuckles 20 years later!
Due to circumstances beyond our control we graduated from college in our lovely apartment. I thought you might enjoy seeing the duck washcloth that hung in our apartment as a picture for a couple of years before I could convince Der that we could finally use it as a washcloth. I guess it was lovelier than the wall.
I bravely added this hilarious picture of me, pregnant with Trisa, so you could appreciate the fine countertop color, the lovely wallpaper and the red curtains with a green fringe (you can't tell from this picture but it was red with a green fringe) You can't see the yellow linoleum or the orange carpet. For years I figured that either I, or this apartment were scaring all of the brothers away from marriage. Really they were just waiting for the stellar women they married.
I couldn't resist putting this picture in. I've always loved it. Derek has always been a proud dad. This just happens to be Trisa and the first child he had to be proud of.

This is the day Trisa was blessed and so you can remember that I'm kind of old -- but not too old and you can look at "Cold Cocoa and Megz" and Di wearing white tights. You can also enjoy seeing other family members who were there that day. This would also have been Der's Dad's birthday. Festive times!
Twenty years later our house looks (I hope) more than a tad nicer than the apartment did and we have lots more family members to enjoy (both children and extended family). We were very happy then though, and we are really happy now. I think we were exhausted both times. So in honor of our anniversary --


cold cocoa said...

Wow- 20 years ago makes us all old! Congrats! The pictures are so retro and cool. Don't know what we were all gaping at in the Trisa blessing photo though. And I loved your old apt. Remember the sleepover? Sounds Easy Pizza? Vacuuming?

Megz said...

What was up with Der's glasses? And why are our mouths agape in the blessing picture? Compare the crowd to how many at one of today's blessings...Trisa sure grew up in a different family than her other cousins! Thanks for sharing; it's always fun to see the blasts from the past (and to see my sisters wearing my handmedown dresses)

Sher said...

I don't know what everyone was looking at in that picture. I can't remember who took the picture. Seth? A relative that skipped being in it? I think Der got those glasses because they were cheap. They were never my favorite -- in fact I remember feeling disappointed in them but I don't think I said anything. It was too late by then.

T said...

what fun - this is my new favorite blog posting... and how glad am I that none of the old pictures of me are there since I was not yet a member of the clan... I'll have to plan our own posting using only pictures that are beautiful of me... (we all know that's difficult given my face making prowess during picture time!)

LC said...

That family clan looks way too small to be ours. You have raised a pretty awesome family since then.

Diana said...

Happy Anniversary! All I remember of your big day is all the pastel mints left over that Erin and I pigged out on in our bunkbeds (so many of my memories with Erin are of us eating candy) and that made me so sick I still can't eat them!