Monday, June 23, 2008

Wild Week in Review

These pictures are out of order but try to overlook that. Sometimes I'm technology challenged. Last Monday was a very busy day. At the end of the day the toilet was pulled off the main bathroom floor and put in the tub.
Before that, the appliances were all moved to the porch where some of them still are. We got so used to the fridge being outside that several of us went out on the porch to get something or put it away even after it was put back where it goes.
Hmm. You're not going to get a good picture of the week this way! Day 4 (Thursday) our guests arrived to find all of the family room furniture still in the living room, the appliances outside, and the main bathroom toilet still in the tub. On top of that, we took some of them to pack night where Connor was awarded his "Bear" in Cub Scouts and raced his boat in the rain gutter regata. What a way for them to start their vacation!
This picture is helpfully from day 3 (Wednesday) The carpet was put in on this day, the main bathroom was painted (except the part I couldn't reach because the toilet was in the tub and I wasn't going to try climbing on it). Food for dinner was cooked at Grandma's house as you can only eat so many sandwiches and microwaved rubber chickens -- I mean chicken nuggets.

Ah. Back to day 1 where we ripped out the carpet and the kids removed lots and lots of staples. We moved the furniture first -- except that heavy t.v.. Thanks to the neighbor for helping with that and the heavy appliances until quite late at night. Thanks to my children for being very, very helpful and not complaining on a rather exhausting day.
Day 1 still. My kids not only helped me all day but then went and cleaned Aunt June's car for her birthday. It was supposed to be a gift but Aunt June treated us to ice cream at the Red Barn so we were well paid. She gave us each a quarter too -- even me -- though I think that was really Dans because you know how big of a help he would have been.
Day 2 -- we got linoleum and Day 3 we got carpet. Kayli had swimming lessons and band and they were busy days for all of us. It looks nice even if it's hard to see in this picture. The kids enjoyed the empty room and used it for doing dances and gymnastic like tricks.
Day 2 through today -- we learned to enjoy breakfast on the pergola. It's quite pleasant to eat breakfast with the birds -- who come to the bird feeder even while we sit right there by them. Of course, sometimes the birds leave little surprises so you don't want to actually put your food on the table. It's a bit too sunny out there for dinner. We tried last night and it started well with cloud cover -- but they moved before we were done. I needed sunglasses.
Day 5 -- We take our guests on a nice "easy" hike through trickling mountain streams. We've done the hike several times ourselves but never when there was so much water! My nephew declares that he is NEVER going on that hike again. My brother just figures he won't be carrying his youngest daughter the entire time next time -- we'll have to leave the young ones at home. Really, everyone put on happy faces and trudged through the water -- sometimes up to the thighs of the Jake sized people. We all ate leftovers for lunch and the kids had pizza while us adults went out for some mexican fare.
Day 6 I went to the store since the leftovers had been eaten and it's rude to send your guests away famished. After helping move the fridge back in, my brother and his family left. We are hoping we didn't scare them off forever. Brian did get to ride the motorcycle and maybe if we promise them no furniture moving and no wet hikes they'll return someday. When they left I painted the laundry room, helped the girls shop for girls camp, and mowed the lawn -- only the front -- I'm not superwoman.
Day 7 was Sunday. I tried not to look at the tape that needed to be removed and the trim that needs to be painted and the clutter that is everywhere so that I could rest. It worked as well as ever! Today the girls are off to girls camp and the boys and I will carry on -- hopefully at a slightly less frantic pace.


cold cocoa said...

Wow- no fun to not have a kitchen/laundry in use! The carpet and linoleum look nice. And bathroom. I am itching to paint now.

Megz said...

Looks like a nice home makeover. I love furniture-less rooms too. And aren't there lots of fancy homes with a kitchenette on the patio? Hope you get everything squared away and are able to enjoy the newness.

Happy Mom said...

Wow! You are too superwoman! Enjoy the makeover.

LC said...

That sounds way more exhausting than my week. House looks great! Could be kinda fun to have the fridge and eating area outside on the veranda with the birds and plenty of room for tricks and tumbling in the family room.
Hope you enjoy the new carpet smell for awhile.

T said...

I'm tired just thinking about it... of course, I'd be tired even if I weren't thinking about it... I need a nap. I'm glad that the weather there is a little more amenable to al fresco eating this time of year than here :)