Monday, July 28, 2008

Tripping Around

This is a random picture of me from the family reunion. I haven't written in so long that we enjoyed a reunion one weekend, a trip to a friend's house the very next Monday, a trip to the cabin with Q and T and family on the next weekend (complete with a trip to the drive in theatre), and another outing to a friend's house today for family home evening. We are looking forward to another trip this weekend to Idaho. Der will be enjoying not sleeping on a camping trip. He has acquired "Bear Spray" which is supposed to help us all feel safe about him running into bears. I will be hanging out at my sister's house with the kids and we are planning to relax. I'll let you know how it goes.

At the reunion, I enjoyed the people. I like seeing married couples who work well together and who like to be together. I like to see brothers and sisters who help each other and get along well. I like to see all of the cousins playing and having a wonderful time. I like to see patient grandparents who are patiently dealing with their house being over-run by flys and people. Everywhere I looked (and really, people were everywhere), every day, there were people that I liked to be with.

We had fun at both family home evenings with friends. I'm thankful for the impressive people I get to "hang out" with!

The cabin was free of mice, there were fun things to drive around and beautiful scenery to see. I even slept well after arriving back there late from the drive in. Sleeping well with that many people in the cabin is a miracle really. I enjoyed the nastalgia of a drive in theatre and the kids now know what we're talking about when we talk about having gone to them in the past. I enjoyed having people there for me to visit with and my kids to play with. I enjoyed the game I played too even though Q won and I lost miserably.

All in all, life is still hectic and busy but at least we are spending our hectic and busy times "tripping around" with some of the best people ever.


T said...

Q hasn't been gloating about that too much :) No worries, but now I'm reminded that I promised to play again with H now that we're home, she was sad that she didn't win any at all :(

Sher said...

I somehow thought she had won a couple. I was sure I had done the worst. I was impressed with how well she did anyhow.

Megz said...

What is this game that we are talking about? Now we know why you have been too busy to blog. Have fun on the next trip!

Michelle said...

I agree with the patience of the people there except for me. I think I lost it on the hike, to my chagrin. Next year I won't be afraid of showing my lack of fitness and stop before it is no longer fun. Sorry to all who saw the tears and heard the rudeness.

Your trips sound really fun and have inspired me to do more with my kids. Keep up the good work.

LC said...

WoW. you are so positive Sher. I think I had fun this reunion because it wasn't 107 degrees and I turned around halfway up the trail and walked/slid down at my leisure.
Isn't it refreshing to be around so many functional, balanced, outstanding people who also happen to have great senses of humor and make me laugh a ton!

cold cocoa said...

You guys are just living up the summer! Just like in this month's Ensign Pres. Monson says we need to make every day count. So all these good times I put off for "when the kids are older" I really need to just do NOW. Or maybe at least I can go play dolls with them instead of read blogs. Good work Sher. Ok. Signing out!