Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Attacked by a snake, hugged by an owl, and treated well by the store we all love to hate!

Dan has found a plastic snake -- I'm not sure which of my children it belongs too -- and he gets a kick out of chasing me with it making scary hissing noises. At least it would be scary if he wasn't so cute the whole time but his persistence is a bit scary.
If I'm sitting still he holds the snake like he is above and "bites" me with it over and over. I'd be in bad shape if the snake were real.
Last night we went to the Orem Owlz game. This is their mascot and this picture came from the official Orem Owlz site. I forgot my camera or I could have illustrated the owl (Hootz) hugging the children. Jake and Dan loved him and went to visit him several times. I think the owl probably thought Dan was stalking him. Jake and Dan liked giving him 5 and "the rock", but when the owl wanted to hold Dan, Dan ran and hid behind me. The owl hugged Kayli and hug/tackled Connor and offered to hug Derek (when Derek said that owlz have (arm)pits too). Derek declined. Kayli quietly informed me that "the owl stinks" -- which didn't surprise me since I'm so smart -- and it was hot -- until later in the evening when I got cold. Two broken bats and a homerun later the Owlz won!

Finally we went school shopping and decided to start in town at Walmart before heading to farther away locations. Today, Walmart did well. We were looking for a lot of things (we ended with 18 total items) and we got out under nine dollars a thing -- lots of jeans, a couple of shirts, and some belts and we now have some well dressed younger kids. We took one short trip to payless where Jake picked the first pair of shoes he tried on and we were home in just over two hours total. Hooray! I wasn't looking forward to that trip and am glad it ended so quickly and so well. The changing room lady was nice, the line wasn't long, and we saw some people we know to say hi too. All in all, a rather charmed trip.


LC said...

Is it possible to walk into walmart without seeing someone you know? BD just loves it when he runs into clients there. (so he doesn't go)
I'm glad that you had some shopping success.

Snakes aren't too bad--especially in the hands of a cute Dan. I don't know if I could handle a rubber spider though. Is that what boys do?

LC said...

p.s. that title was quite the attention grabber

T said...

I was wishing that Dan had brought the snake along to the Owlz game.. that's the kind of stalking a good mascot loves :)

Sounds like fun - we didn't make it to any Roadrunners games this year much to the kids' disappointment... but I figure after sitting through as many little league games as I did this year I deserved some time off :)

Frey family said...

You always have such great titles to your posts. I'm very impressed with your creativity. I need to get some school shopping done, maybe I'll head to Wal-mart.

Megz said...

I've wanted to brave an Owlz game; I figure that's as close to real live baseball we'll get out here.
I'm glad you had such a positive school shopping experience at WalMart. Maybe all of your good times there can cancel out my bad times and we'll break even.