Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cleaning out Critter Haven (Previously known as our Garden)

Monday was our family night. You can imagine the children's delight when they were told that we were cleaning out the garden for our activity. "Hooray" they said -- or maybe "Oh Groan". Fortunately, besides the rather rebellious 6 year old, and the little adventurer, everyone was quite helpful. Now, when I say we cleaned the garden, I mean the space previously used as a garden, or the weed garden, or the weed / stick pile where critters like to congregate. I really tried to find you a before picture -- but I forgot to take one on Monday and I purposely avoided aiming the camera that direction on other occasions. The above trailer is full of the things from the garden and I had gotten rid of quite a pile of things a couple of weeks previously. This is our trash can Tuesday when I finally took the picture. I was a bit distressed that our garbage can, which was emptied on Monday, was three fourths full by the end of Monday because of old hoses that have been moldering in the garden. Where is all of our garbage going now? I'm practicing "creative cramming" but the lid won't shut already.
Here is the "garden" looking more like its old self. In fact, I really don't think it's looked this good since we moved in.
This section next to the house hasn't been weed free for years and years. I've tried but those weeds have really tough roots, even when soaked with water, and weed killer. There were lots of spiders that liked to hide in them waiting to get me. Don't tell Tia or she won't ever go in the garden again. Here's another trailer / tarp picture. Silly me took out the camera and forgot to take the picture until after the tarp was on. I was focused on covering up the pile so it wouldn't blow away in the storm, ruining the perfect lawns of our neighbors.

We didn't actually see any furry critters, but I've heard suspicious noises in the piles in the past and I keep expecting those traps Derek set to catch something. Perhaps they ran away and aren't coming back because Critter Haven no longer exists and they must find a new place to lay down their little furry heads.


Frey family said...

Way to go!! It looks really nice. I bet that was a lot of hard work. I wish I had a better garden area, maybe someday.

T said...

Very impressive - I think I will have to have my kids look at this blog next time they groan about having to hike for FHE :)

So now what? gardening again... I'm afraid I'd just lay down some rock and call it good, but you're always more ambitious than I!

Megz said...

It's always a bummer when you deep clean right after the garbage truck comes.
Good project and good peace of mind. I don't like imagining what sort of critters could have been living out there. Bloodthirsty ones I bet.

Sher said...

Okay, "t" I definately am not more ambitious than you -- at least in most areas. And Megz, there were some bloodthirsty mosquitoes in that garden. I'm thankful for bug spray.

LC said...

Is that where the pool is going?
Nothing like some dirt and sweat to make it a good day. Those poor little critters could find a home in our backyard. Weedkiller doesn't seem to be working.

cold cocoa said...

Good work guys! We need to overhaul our garden entirely because it was too shady this year and wouldn't grow zukes. Darn!

T said...

Did LC just say "pool"? Is this wishful thinking? Is there some grand plan I've been terribly unaware of? I've always thought a hot tub was a better value frankly... but then I'm old and just enjoy a good hot soak :) Just let us know if we need to start packing swimsuits for every visit :) (yes, I'm kidding)