Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 11 of the Quest -- Cadiz, Spain

Well, the computer added my pictures backwards so I guess I'll tell the story backwards ...
The last day of sightseeing is over and we "sail" off into the sunset.
On our second time out of the ship in Cadiz, we are trying to find the ship before it can leave without us and we find a garden / park so we take a picture. We are tourists after all, and snapping pictures is what we do.
This is also on our second trip out (after lunch). Instead of walking in to "shop" we walked over by the sea. The weather is nice for a change and there were cats lounging below Derek where you can't see them enjoying the sunshine. We walked kind of far by the sea and then went into the town to try to find our way back to the ship. We wandered farther than we thought (it's hard to tell where you're going with narrow winding streets and tall buildings!). Fortunately, us ending up far away from the entrance to the dock enabled us to help a nice older lady who had piles of shopping bags and had been led in the wrong direction by a taxi driver. Our walk was considerably slower after that but I think we got back to the ship with ten minutes to spare.

This was the only church we walked into in Cadiz. It had nets up high to catch falling pieces of rock from the ceiling. It was beautifully done and was being used. Someone was actually confessing to a priest as we quietly walked by. What a weird thing to have your church be a tourist attraction!
This church was made out of two kinds of stone -- they ran out of the first kind. The church was over 300 years old.

This was at the beginning of the day on our first trip out. We had not bought anything the entire rest of the trip and we know from experience that the customs officials in the USA look on people who don't buy things with suspicion so we agreed to go shopping with some friends to buy something. We figured Derek's parents deserved something for all of their hard work. Unfortunately, we are not great shoppers, especially when we are together and in a foreign country. One of our friends called it the longest short walk he had ever taken and we all split up at lunch time. I found the whole experience so frustrating that it took me a few hours to get over it. I will definately have to remember what we've learned on previous trips and I temporarily forgot -- that I need to find someone else to shop with and let Derek happily walk for miles while I shop.
We liked the flower tree Derek is standing in front of and he thought maybe we could create one -- so we took a picture so we could remember.
Other notes on the day: By this day I am really desperately tired of trying to be excited about odd food. I try the pizza on the ship which is yucky. I love breakfast on the ship but am not really fond of much else. Sigh.
Back on the ship after touring we packed our suitcases, ate dinner, and watched a movie at the theater -- the only movie we watched at the theater the whole trip. It was almost time to go home and we were feeling happy about that!


Megz said...

I'm getting dizzy doing your trip in reverse order, but maybe that's because I'm tired. So strange to have such old buildings everywhere. Really makes historic Peteetneet not so historic, right?
Keep 'em coming....I'll try not to get hung up on the backwardsness!

Sher said...

Megz, I'm finding it a little bit hard to tell in reverse order but I have to stick to it now! Hopefully it will still be somewhat interesting.