Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 4 -- At Sea

This is a picture of us heading out to see on day 3. For today you get a direct quote from my journal. "Monday we were at sea and I know I slept through the afternoon again and morning was a long meeting."

A couple of random facts from the trip:
*We had a few nights of stormy weather that made for lots of rocking, moaning, creaking, and banging to keep us awake. Fortunately we never got sea sick.
*We were always impressed with the buildings that somehow were built without the machinery that is used today. One of our friends commented "Yes, it is amazing what you can do with a bunch of slaves". He did not sound approving.
*Sometimes, maybe to help with homesickness, we would think of various family members and what they might be doing if they got to go on the trip. For example: We figured Erin would love going in all of those little shops and not just walking by them, and we figured that, as far as we walked, Tanya would have managed to walk further. Of course, she might have just taken the subway.


cold cocoa said...

I like your blog background!

Thanks for thinking of me. I would have definitely learned the appropriate Italian words to bargain and buy some nice jewelry or apparel. Did you buy anything like that?

Sher said...

Nope. We bought one thing for your parents and that was it. We really just don't shop.