Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Thankful Turkey

One Thanksgiving tradition that we have managed to carry on for quite a few years is that of making a "Thankful Turkey". We make a turkey body for the family, or during some years we make as many turkeys as there are people. Then we add feathers with something we are thankful for written on each one. Sometimes, like this year, we make the whole turkey at once. Other years we have left feathers out to add whenever there was something in a day we were particularly thankful for. Still other years, we have tried to fill out a feather each at dinner time. This tradition is one that we all enjoy.

The turkey above was made last night. Probably 40 percent of those feathers were filled out by Connor. He did a good job of being specific. He wasn't just thankful for school but for math and science, etc. He was thankful for sports teams and various books -- including specific scriptures. He was even thankful for brooms. Some of the things on our lists are more serious than others. Derek was thankful that "Utah isn't a nudist state" and he was also thankful for his "good kids" and for "microwaves".

I was predictably thankful for "a good story" and "good friends" though the kids were disappointed that I hadn't listed the telephone as usual. It seems I don't get many phone calls anymore -- but on the days I get to talk to family and friends I am very thankful for it so perhaps I'd better go add a feather!

It is fun to stop and read what everyone is feeling thankful for. That is our fun tradition (the idea came from my sister Tina). Do any of you have a good Thanksgiving tradition to share?


LC said...

Der had his fill of the European nudies, huh? Glad you guys are back home safely.
The thankful turkey is a beautiful thing. I like that idea and it looks so fun and festive.
I like the new c family tradition of doing a talent show and thank-imony--we'll miss yours.

Happy Mom said...

We do a similar turkey, only with one big feather for each person. During the month we write things we've noticed that person did for us, like "Thanks for putting up the Christmas lights." "Thanks for ironing my shirts." It's nice to notice acts of service, and theoretically makes us more inclined to do nice things for each other.

Megz said...

We have a thankful jar of course. And it gets filled up the first day we put it out and then everyone kindof forgets about it until it's time to read them.
Your turkey is a lot more beautiful than our harvest jar from the dollar store.

Marcy said...

What a great tradition!! I love it!

cold cocoa said...

Thanks for the idea- that sounds fun. We haven't done much yet, but we should start our jar or turkey.

T said...

We'd better get on our thankful turkey/jar/whatever it is we are doing... this is a tradition I always think "we NEED to do that next year" and never quite get it done... something about the fact that we're 2/3 of the way through the month and I just realized that October is over!