Saturday, November 22, 2008

The World Care Cruise Line

Have you ever heard of it? It has three ships -- Faith, Hope, and Charity. Like a regular cruise your food is included in the cost of the trip. Your ship has a swimming pool or two and an exercise room and a theater for your use. There are shows too, but they are cultural shows with dances and singing from the places that you are going to visit. While you are sailing there are classes available to help inform you about the customs, beliefs and culture of the places you will visit. You will be taught how to say hello, goodbye, thank you and your welcome in the language of the country you are visiting.

Like a regular cruise, there are tours that you can pay to go on, but these are different kinds of tours. These are service / humanitarian tours. You might have a chance to go work in orphanages or soup kitchens. You might paint, repair, or clean buildings, or areas. You might simply have a chance to take needed items in and distribute them to the people who need them.

Never fear, if you are a shopper there will be shopping tours. But instead of buying for yourself, you will be looking for items on a list you have been given of things needed by some of the local people. Buying from the local people will help the economy of the place you visit.

When you come home from your cruise you will feel that you have learned something, and been helpful to the people whose country you visited. Perhaps you will have helped clean up polluted areas or you will have alleviated hunger or sorrow. You will have made a difference!

Who owns this cruise line? Unfortunately, this is just a product of my imagination. I came up with the idea after I had been cruising for a few days and was getting a little tired of the semi-idle life style. If anyone can figure out how to get such a cruiseline up and running, I will buy a ticket for sure.


Megz said...

Let me enjoy one of those 'idle' cruises first, then I'll be gung-ho for the Do Gooder cruise!
(maybe you can suggest the church offers some Humanitarian Aid Cruises in addition to the missions? They may get a few more takers!)

cold cocoa said...

Dang! I was thinking, "wow...that is cool they have classes about the culture and language lessons" they not do that on real cruise lines? Makes sense to me.

You can market that idea. I bet Angelina Jolie, Oprah and other rich do-gooders would sign up!

T said...

I think it's a spectacular idea - though I would have to do just a teensy bit of shopping for myself as well in there somewhere between painting and learning...

Really though - spectacular idea!!!

LC said...

amen to all the comments above.

I had a similar thought when we were in mexico. There we were spending all this $$ on livin the good life when there was poverty all around us. I thought that would have made for a good family reunion.
Keep up the good ideas. Love the ship names!