Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh NO! It's a boy!

I am not referencing my new nephew that should be born today or tomorrow. I'm happy that he is a boy and am looking forward to holding him. No, I'm referring to the boy who, according to Tia, "is totally in love" with her. The boy who gave her a Christmas present of a necklace and earrings which she wore because "they're really pretty". Now, to be fair, Tia has always been very sensible -- but will it last? When handsome boys are giving her presents and following her around drooling will she be able to keep from giving them an adoring look in return?

Now, to be fair, I received a gift from a boy when I was in seventh grade. It was from a boy named Chip who I wrote about in my journal. My kids like to giggle over it. He gave me a locket and a poster of puppies that said "Puppy Love". Of course, when I say he gave it to me I mean his sister handed it to me. I'm not at all sure I ever really talked to this boy. I talked to his sister who talked to him who talked to his sister who talked to me. Tia is not in seventh grade and the boy gave her the present himself. Sigh. Her imitation of him was pretty funny. It sounded a bit embarrassing and awkward but he did it.

So ladies, when did you receive your first gift from a boy and how much influence did it have on your feelings toward him? And, I guess I'm not counting things like when a boy gave me more Valentines candy in the first grade than anyone else but my friend Carrie who was his first favorite girl. I was only his second favorite. Maybe this should be after elementary school. Men, how much did you have to like someone before you were willing to go through the torture of actually handing her a gift?

I'm sure in some way this boy made Tia feel special. As a Mom though, I can't help thinking "Oh NO! It's a boy!"


stephanie said...

I am not looking forward to the teenage years! I think Addie is already there. She has a crush on the twelve year old twins that live next door and she is only 5.

I got a present from a boy in seventh grade and I told him he was "gross" What a sweetheart I must have been. But, secretly it did make me feel good

Megz said...

I want to see this jewelry. How much did it put him back and why is he already spending money on another man's wife? --you know the saying where any money spent on a girl before your mission is wasted--- Anyway, Tia is way too cute and nice for her own good. Tell her to work on 'aloof' and 'unwashed' more so she doesn't have to deal with these boy issues quite yet!

cold cocoa said...

I don't remember getting anything. Sad. Megz says is funny. Tia should tell him he is spending money on another man's wife. But wait...then he'd probably like her even more.

T said...

I had to turn down a necklace when I was about Tia's age... because it was a VERY pricy piece of jewelry - hmmm... that boy is now probably very well off and showers his wife with jewelry all the time... oh, that's not the point!
a gift... just a regular gift - I was probably 14, and he was just a friend... a "I think you're pretty awesome and I want to smooch you" type gift... older... definitely older!

Stephanie... you can never be too liberal with the word gross in seventh grade :)

LC said...

Oh that is too funny.
I don't remember getting anything until I was in college--so my parents didn't have to worry right? wrong, when I was dating (almost engaged) to BD he took me to the mall to pick out an outfit--(I know--huge points for him!!x0x0)
My mom was not happy about a guy giving me gifts-- But hey, Brandon was spending money on his future wife! so there.

Anna said...

I was saying, "Oh no! It's a boy" when I was in fifth grade. It started in first grade with this shy boy who write me love notes on little scraps of paper. In fifth grade he called me on the phone to ask me to "go with him." Since I had heard you had to kiss someone you were going with and I thought that sounded gross, I played dumb and kept asking him, "go where?" until he gave up and said good-bye. I wished a few years later that I had been a little more tactful, but what kind of social graces can you really expect from a fifth grader?