Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello! Hello Again!

I considered doing Tia's birthday blog early but I decided to wait and maybe I can get pictures of her trying on prom dresses. I'll stick pictures of her decorated room on too -- so now you have some things to look forward to.

I considered talking about the woes of potty training. Today is the first day -- and like I mentioned in Megz blog comments -- the only success so far is that Dan declared that he "loves big boy pants". I keep reminding myself that he'll get the hang of this eventually-- probably not on day one though. In the mean time he is still my huggy boy who also loves smothering my cheeks in smooches.

I am considering talking about desserts. Do you think they are served too often? They sure are tasty but it is nice to find that if I eat fewer my head hurts less often. I've got book club tomorrow -- I'm thinking of serving fruit. Hmm.

What about sickness -- do you think three weeks is long enough to have a cold? I do. Unfortunately colds don't think and this one is sticking around a little longer. Sigh. Fortunately it's mostly down to a tickle that makes me cough.

Books? I read "The Goose Girl" series this week and enjoyed the first and last ones a lot. The middle one not so much.

The inability to make a decision? After considering all of these topics, I have decided that I've written enough. I hope that you are all doing well. So until next time ... Goodbye. Goodbye again!


Marcy said...

You make me laugh! Sorry you have been sick, glad you're on the mend! Good luck with the potty training-I'm so glad those days are behind me. Teenage years are no fun though and some days I would trade for potty training. Unfortunately you have both!! How's that for cheering you up?!?!
Good to hear from you AGAIN!

Happy Mom said...

I loved this entry! Good luck with the potty issues. I've never been good at training, but they've all seemed to catch on eventually. I felt the same way about the Goose Girl series. Loved the first one and could have lived without the others. Have you read Princess Academy? It's my favorite of all of hers. I like Austenland too, but that's because it appeals to my romantic tendencies. Right now I'm reading Book Thief. It's different but good.

cold cocoa said...

I say serve fruit with some optional store-bought cookies. Let's face it...most people think they're supposed to eat the calorie-laden foods because they are offered. But what's wrong with some apples and dip?

LC said...

Fruit--yes. What a refreshing change from all the supersugarlicious temptations out there--and that's coming from an addict. Or go with that sundried tomato salad on cc's blog.
What book are you reviewing???
I just got home from a book club. We read Totto-Chan (a Japanese best seller and fun little story about children and how they learn)

T said...

Fruit sounds like a great plan. Our last book club was at the overachiever's house... okay, so she just loves to bake and I'm glad MY turn does not follow hers!!!

Happy Mom mentioned Book Thief - so I have to mention that it is my FAVORITE book now - something finally bumped Les Miserables believe it or not!!!

best of luck kicking the cold and getting the Dan to be a big boy :)