Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Derek!

Quite a few years ago a little baby boy was born -- the first child of Bonnie and Howard Christensen. He was well loved and, judging by his size, well fed.
He was reportedly not the easiest baby ever born, but he was cute enough that his parents went ahead and had ten more after him. He enjoys being a big brother, a Dad, and an uncle. He is good with children.
The picture above of Derek climbing makes me think that our boys got their natural tendency towards doing dangerous things from him. Thankfully, they also seem to have a good sense of balance and maybe that's from Derek also.
Derek loves lots of things. He loves me, reading, watching movies, playing basketball, playing baseball or softball, laughing, competing with his brothers and sisters over who might be funniest that day, etc.
He loves being with his family the most and is happiest when he is doing his favorite activities with us.
See, here he is being happy. That's the best way to be on a happy birthday.


cold cocoa said...

Wow- I can see some Dan there in those baby pics! I love retro pictures.

Happy Birthday big bro.

Marcy said...

Happy Birthday to Derek!!

Megz said...

Just for the record I was logging onto my computer to email him for his B-day and this was NOT a reminder for me. Promise.
Happy B-day in case he's not at his work computer and taking the day off to go hunting or fishing or shopping or some other activity he loves to do!

T said...

yaay - and for the record I DID remind Quinn to call... of course, if that happens, I hope someone has the smelling salts!

Happy Birthday Derek :)

LC said...

Wow! Derek has way more baby pictures than Brandon.
I like Derek because he is smart and funny. Happy bday!

Anna said...

Happy late birthday Derek! We're lucky to be able to call you guys friends!