Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello! Hello Again!

I considered doing Tia's birthday blog early but I decided to wait and maybe I can get pictures of her trying on prom dresses. I'll stick pictures of her decorated room on too -- so now you have some things to look forward to.

I considered talking about the woes of potty training. Today is the first day -- and like I mentioned in Megz blog comments -- the only success so far is that Dan declared that he "loves big boy pants". I keep reminding myself that he'll get the hang of this eventually-- probably not on day one though. In the mean time he is still my huggy boy who also loves smothering my cheeks in smooches.

I am considering talking about desserts. Do you think they are served too often? They sure are tasty but it is nice to find that if I eat fewer my head hurts less often. I've got book club tomorrow -- I'm thinking of serving fruit. Hmm.

What about sickness -- do you think three weeks is long enough to have a cold? I do. Unfortunately colds don't think and this one is sticking around a little longer. Sigh. Fortunately it's mostly down to a tickle that makes me cough.

Books? I read "The Goose Girl" series this week and enjoyed the first and last ones a lot. The middle one not so much.

The inability to make a decision? After considering all of these topics, I have decided that I've written enough. I hope that you are all doing well. So until next time ... Goodbye. Goodbye again!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Too Busy Being Fabulous

I was feeling guilt over not having written a blog for so long and was thinking about doing a blog full of excuses -- but I didn't really like the idea until I heard a song on the radio that talked about someone who was "too busy being fabulous". I like that excuse. It has nothing to do with what I have and haven't done -- just with what I am being. I give you all permission to borrow it since you are fabulous too.

"I'm sorry, I can't help at the school today. I'm too busy."
"Busy doing what?", says the nosy person on the other end of the phone who wants you to tell her the other 75 things on your calendar.
"Too busy being fabulous."
(Stupefied silence)
"Bye" (says you before they get over their stupefecation)

Or maybe we could just teach it to our children. When someone calls and asks for us they can say, "I'm sorry, she/he can't come to the phone right now -- they're too busy being fabulous. May I take a message".

Okay so maybe this is like the 7-8-9 joke that I think is funnier than everyone else.

Here's what I've been up to since Jake's birthday:
Doing dishes
Cleaning toilets
doing taxes
heading up a book group
going to various kinds of Dr.'s with my children
paying bills
watching television
talking on the phone
planning a family vacation
doing religious things (you'd think I was evil if I forgot to mention that some of my day is used for this).
shopping (we have to eat and new babies "need" presents)
giving huggies (not the diapers -- that's what Dan calls hugs)
changing diapers (these are Huggies with a capital H)
cleaning closets
hurting my ankle
catching a cold
talking to my children and husband
getting my hair done

I am sure you have all been equally as busy with more or less important things. I am sure, because you are you, that you were fabulous the whole time.