Monday, November 29, 2010

The Joyful Season: Visiting Teachers and Good Sports

I think for the Christmas season, whenever I decide to blog, it will be about something that happened that I am thankful for that day.  This will help me take the time in all of the busyness to notice blessings.  So for today I am thankful for Visiting Teachers (two women from our church congregation that are basically assigned to be my good friends) and for a family full of good sports.

Today I got a visit from my new visiting teacher (singular because one had a sick child).  She took the time (since we had never met) to learn a little about me.  We even discovered that we are reading the same book!  Then she left me with a lesson and a prayer.  I am happy that she came and I'm already looking forward to her (and her companion) coming again.  Shortly after she left one of my former visiting teachers stopped by to give me a gift and to tell me that she loved me and would miss being my visiting teacher.  Wasn't that nice?  Some of my very best friends have come through visiting teaching.  It is an inspired program.

For family home evening (that thing us Mormon's try to hold on Mondays) we worked on service ideas and then we put together gingerbread houses.  They were tiny, and some were broken, and the frosting stuff was frustrating, and we only had one tube which we had to share.  Aside from one comment that making gingerbread houses is stressful (which is a very true statement) there was no complaining, or whining (well except at the end when Dan wanted something and we weren't quick enough on picking up on exactly what it was).  Derek mixed up the frosting and helped with Dan's house and Jake patiently put up with my attempts to "glue" his house together.  Nobody even said what maybe everyone was feeling.  "Wow, I'm glad that's over!"  I was really impressed.

I should quickly add that Thanksgiving with family was fun.  A trip to Trisa's turned out well and on the actual Thanksgiving we got together with some family from around here.  I was kind of tired and had a bit of a rough morning, but when everyone came I just was so Thankful that everyone is so fun, and nice, and easy to be with.  Erin planned fun activities and I really enjoyed the day.

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Megz said...

Making gingerbread houses sounds more like torture than fun--so good on you for attempting!