Wednesday, November 17, 2010

With Thanksgiving: The Heart Doctor

Yesterday I opened one of our daily newspapers (yes, I was a sucker and bought another one from the salesman outside of Walmart -- but it was a good deal!) and there was a picture of Jake's heart doctor.  I was surprised by how pleased I was to see him there. I am very thankful for heart doctors.  Seeing this particular picture reminded me of when this doctor called us personally on the phone to tell us that Jake didn't need to be on oxygen anymore.  We weren't home when he called, but we were all so excited about the message that we jumped around the kitchen cheering.  We were rather tired of "tank" -- which is what we called Jake's oxygen tank for the almost 4 months it was with us. 

This same Dr. gave us the good news that, if Jake didn't have his scar, not even a heart doctor would be able to know that anything had ever been wrong with Jake's heart.  His repair worked.  This doctor was there when Jake was three days old, being impressed with how well Jake did during and after surgery and has been Jake's heart doctor (cardiologist) for the almost 9 years since then.  Jake had two very excellent heart surgeons also.

I do realize that we are very blessed.  Not all parents of heart patients get good news or have their children do so well.  Some hearts cannot be fixed.  However, all are blessed by these people, who decided to study for years and years so that they can fix many of the hearts that come broken in some way.  Because these doctors, and others before them, chose to do that, I got to keep my little boy.  I am very thankful for that.


Happy Mom said...

Thanks for sharing! These are the blessings that make all the hard work worth it for doctors! Thanks for both your thankful posts. They cheer me up!

T said...

beautiful - life just wouldn't be the same without Super Jake :)

Michelle said...

You made me tear up a little. Jake is surely a blessing to our lives and a faith promoter. I, too, am grateful for heart doctors. I wouldn't be here without them, either.