Thursday, November 18, 2010

With Thanksgiving: Jesus the Atoning One

Atoning One

With joy and happiness we sing
Our praise to Christ the King.
He gives us life. He gives us love.
We sing our thanks to heav’n above
For the Atoning One.

He came to earth, a tiny son
Of The Most Holy One.
He learned like we do, grace by grace
And soon He knew His special place
As the Atoning One.

The time was near when He must die
“Remove this cup” He cried.
But knowing that we needed Him
He took our punishment for sin.
He’s our Atoning One.

So from His sorrow we are saved
The pathway home He paved.
And if we will repent we’ll find
An inner joy, and peace of mind
From the Atoning One.

And with this new peace we will sing
Our praise to Christ the King.
He gives us all He has to give.
If we will follow Him we’ll live
With the Atoning One.
by Sher


T said...

I always love your poems... and this is certainly no exception! thanks for sharing your talent and testimony with us :)

BrianF$ said...

Nice poem Sherie! Thanks for sharing it with us.

LC said...

Beautiful poem. I think it would make nice lyrics to a hymn.

Chris said...

Very nice, Sherie! I love the way you develop and share your talents. You're a great example to me!

Sher said...

Thanks everybody. You're always so nice!