Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Latest List

I thought I'd better write before you wondered if I was not finding anything at all to be thankful for -- which would be tragic.  So here are a few things that I have been thankful for lately.
 I'm thankful that we all look totally awesome in our new pajamas.  This is our traditional Christmas Eve pajama picture.
 I am really thankful for enthusiasm over gifts -- even pajamas.  Connor is great at showing enthusiasm.

 I'm thankful that Derek was willing to put his new puppet on his hand and make us all laugh.  Of course, he said I could give him a puppet but I couldn't choose its personality.  This "knight in shining armor" is a bit like Sir Lancelot.  He thinks he's very wonderful -- esecially for the ladies.
Jake took this picture of me so that I could show you my new Superwoman shirt.  I can wear this on days when I feel like Superwoman, or on days like yesterday when I want to feel like Superwoman.  Okay so I can wear it whenever I want. 
 Those of you who are observant will have noticed that Trisa was missing in the pajama picture.  If we are all wearing our pajamas on my blog then she should have to also -- right?  She came on Christmas morning (which we were VERY happy about) and we had her change into her new pajamas before opening gifts.
Tia got me a warm, fuzzy, cheerfully colored blanket and Kayli got me warm fuzzy slipper socks.  These are great gifts for me since I am perpetually cold.  The note from Trisa warmed my heart.
This is Derek's knight and my princess posing on the bed posts.  I did this one day to make Derek smile when he got home from work.  I forgot to be in my room when he saw it though and so I can only assume it worked.  What's not to like about being greeted by two slightly humorous smiling faces?

Other things I've been thankful for:
* Erin and Russell and family came over on Christmas and helped us have a happy day.
* Russell helped by fixing Trisa's computer.
* Derek and I got to sit in his parents fabulous seats for a basketball game.  Fourth row is awesome!
* Music -- to work up enthusiasm for today I played some favorite hymns "Onward Christian Soldiers", "Called to Serve", and other of the marching type of hymns.  It worked.  I also enjoyed "C'est Moi" from Camelot -- sung by Sir Lancelot.  Really, he is conceited and this song is kind of funny.
* I got to talk to my Mom.
* My presents included another game that can get me some exercise on the Wii.
* I really have the best family and friends around. 


Anna said...

I am thankful for YOU!! And I definitely think the Superwoman tee shirt fits you, one of the superest women I know.

T said...

I love the Knight in Shining Armor - We can only imagine the great enjoyment that must have brought :)

Megz said...

It's going to be easy shopping for you guys now that the whole fam is willing to accept puppets.....