Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Illustrated Blessings

Here are a few illustrations, and explanations of things I am thankful for.
I'm thankful for Kayli who turned 15 on Sunday.  This is her pretending to blow out the candles on her piece of pumpkin pie.  I have a new camera and so operator error caused me to miss the real blowing out of the candles.  I'm not sure what Derek is doing --maybe helping her pretend?

Here is Dan with Santa Claus.  You can see that they are great friends because Dan is such a good boy.  I'm thankful for all of my children.  They are all on the nice list.  Dan was just the only one who posed with Santa.

We'll call this photo "Live long and Prosper".  Derek has been a fan of Star Trek since he was a boy.  His friend at work got him this Star Trek Snuggie.  Derek was modeling it for us while we all joked about Snuggies in general.  So, I'm thankful for Derek, his sense of humor, Derek's friends, and the amusement the Snuggie provided for me and our guests (Quinn and Tonya's family).  I'm also thankful for Star Trek.  We used to have a tradition of watching it with my sister Tina's family every weekend.  Star Trek gave us entertainment and a reason to get together. 
I'm thankful for awesome moves.  Need I say more?

I like Dan's self portraits too.  Are you smiling?

Our weather forecast yesterday called for an inch of snow or two on the valley floor.  We woke up to a good foot of snow which has piled up to 18 inches.  The power even went out for a while.  School was cancelled and I've never seen that happen here.  Derek and Connor went out early and helped shovel people out.  Derek shoveled and shoveled and, after a few messages on his phone, decided he'd better go to work.  He took the truck.  We got to keep him all the way until 11:00.  That was great.

*Kayli and Connor built a snow fort with friends.
*Trisa and Jake are improving in health.
*Dan got on his coat to go play with Dad.  Fortunately I followed him out since Dad didn't know he was coming.  We followed the path that Dan was sure his Dad had made just for him into the backyard and jumped on the trampoline (which Derek had cleared).
*Tia was pleased that both of her schools were cancelled and headed off to build snow forts with her friends too.


Megz said...

Happy Birthday to Kayli. She's way too old.
Der looks surprisingly snuggly in his Star Trek accessory. That's probably the most layers he's ever worn in winter.

T said...

holy lots of snow!!! looks like it was enjoyed to the fullest :)

and I'm enjoying the snuggie picture almost as much as the moment in which it was taken :)

LC said...

Sher, your attitude of gratitude is a wonderful example to me. I always enjoy your uplifting posts and hearing about the daily joys.