Thursday, December 2, 2010

Superwoman and the Rock Star

Yesterday was a great day.  I was feeling like Superwoman all morning!  I had this incredibly long list of things to do and I was done with all but two by lunch time.  It was great.  Of course, my head could barely hold itself up by 9 o'clock but still -- to be Superwoman for half a day was worth it.

While recuperating from all of my super activities I was sitting on the couch with Derek when our rock star made an appearance -- for real!  Here came Dan who ran down the hall with his black hair looking just like that hair he created for the Wii.  It was, of course, a wig from the Halloween box.  We cheered for our rock star and he took the wig off to show us that he was really Dan.  He's always a little worried that we'll forget who he really is when he's dressed up like some character or another.

His fears might be well founded!  This morning I went to get Jake's backpack, shoes, and coat.  I came back with his coat and backpack and could not find his shoes, which I could have sworn I had just seen, anywhere.  We both looked and looked.  Finally, an odd thought occurred to me and I looked in his backpack.  Sure enough, when I had put his lunch in, I had also deposited his shoes.  At least, though his feet might have frozen, he would have gotten to school with dry shoes!

Other things I am thankful for from yesterday:
1.  The music on the album Ring Christmas Bells by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  In particular, the song Processional on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman".  I had forgotten about this song -- which I love.  When we listened to it in the car Dan somehow thought they were saying "tiny Christmas" instead of "tidings of comfort and joy".  He laughed at the words that made no sense to him.
2.  Trisa called and shared all of the funny stories from her life.
3.  I actually got to see Tia and talk to her for a few minutes.
4.  Kayli got a new haircut and loved it.
5.  Texting.  Derek doesn't mind if I text him at work whenever I want (within reason).  It's great!  Also, I was able to get in touch with a hard to get in touch with friend that way and I get to see her today.
6.  Connor babysat without complaining, did some work on a merit badge without complaining, and in general was happy.
7.  Jake helped out with Dan when I went to Jake's school.  Dan, who didn't "need" to go potty before we left all of a sudden really  needed to once we arrived.  Jake took him.  Hooray for good big brothers.
8.  My comfortable bed.  Nevermind that it was a jack-in-the-box type of night.  The bed was comfortable anyhow.
9.  I'm thankful that, even though it's fun to be Superwoman, I don't have to be her everyday -- sometimes I can me just regular me -- the rock star's Mom.


Marcy said...

It is tiring being superwoman! That's why I'm not her very often, but it is a great sense of accomplishment when I do. Hope you take a nice break today and enjoy your efforts of yesterday.
Rock on Dan!

Megz said...

The shoes in the backpack is something I would do. There are too many things happening in the morning to be totally on top of your game!

Happy Mom said...

Loved this post! Thanks for helping me remember the everyday things to be grateful for. My house is a MESS! I wish a superwoman portion of my soul would show up for a little while and help me out. By the way...that birthday lunch is looking like January! Sound like a plan?

Michelle said...

Too bad superwoman is a fictional character. She doesn't exist in my life. Oh well. Maybe she will exist tomorrow.

LC said...

At least you didn't put the shoes in the fridge.
And hey, good news--we'll be playing your favorite song for our part of the family program!!
I'm sure our arrangment will be just as good as the mo tab's :)

Superwoman definitely keeps up a blog to remind her of her super days. Great post!!

T said...

got a good laugh out of the packed shoes...

you are superwoman - do you ever get a break???

and sorry it took me so long to comment - I enjoyed the e-mail version of this before remembering to come over and leave my comments anyway :)