Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Thankful Happy New Year

Look what I found on my old camera!  Connor sat on Santa's lap too -- at the extended family Christmas party.

Today was a good day and I think this will be the last post of the year.  Don't be sad.  The new year is about to begin!

I'm thankful today that I felt well and got a few things done that usually don't sound like fun, but did today (I cleaned out half of the filing cabinet and the office closet ).  I'm happy that Derek got to come home early from work.  I'm thankful for nice neighbors.  I took one neighbor a thankyou note today because she brought me a gift and my family a treat for Christmas.  I hadn't done anything for her and thought she should know that I appreciated her thoughtfulness.  I was greeted with a "Come in!  I was just going through my books and thought you might want some."  So I came home with more presents for me!  How nice is that?

Kayli keeps cleaning and cleaning and I've given up on trying to convince her to relax and so I'll just enjoy her help.  And, just a minute ago I got to talk to a friend who lives on the other side of the country.  She gave me the Lion puppet that starred in "A Christmas Carol Puppet Show" at the family party.  It's good to have helpful, thoughtful friends.

I'm thankful for Angela because I got to talk to her a couple of times lately and it made my day.  Besides, cousins played and had a good time and happy kids help Mom be happy.

I'm thankful that Russell is around to help me troubleshoot my computer when my equally helpful brother Brian is a bit far away.

I'm thankful that I made dinner for a change because I was really hungry and those hamburgers hit the spot.  I'm really quite thankful for the idea of writing about what I'm thankful for.  It helps me to think every day about how many blessings I have. 

Thanks again to all of you.  You have helped me throughout the year in many ways.  May we all have a thankful, happy new year!

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cold cocoa said...

I'm glad you're so thankful lately! Keep up the positive tude.