Monday, January 11, 2010

A Mystery Solved!

Almost exactly a year ago I went to the car show with Derek. We sat in many cars and I even put pictures of some of them on my blog. It was at that show that my cell phone went missing. I called the convention center where the show was held several times but the phone never turned up. I got a new phone. I even got rid of the charging cables for the old phone because they were of no use to me. And then, almost exactly a year later, the mystery has been solved.

This is the car that my phone has spent a year being lost in. Isn't it nice? The black interior must have done an incredible job of hiding my dark phone. A man from Arizona bought this car. It wasn't until he was looking for his son's phone that he found mine. He found some way to charge my phone enough to find the phone numbers. He left a message on my cell phone, called Derek's phone, and even talked to Trisa before getting in touch with me at home. He's mailing my old phone back to me. When I offered to pay the postage he pointed out that if he could afford to buy a 30 thousand dollar car he could probably afford a couple dollars of postage. He seems to be a very nice person. Now -- what to do with a phone with no cables to charge it with?