Friday, January 14, 2011

A Day at "Tia's" Salon

Today, much to our boys horror, we spent the morning at MATC where Tia is going to cosmetology school.  Here are the before and after shots of their hair.

 You can see that Dan was really not very excited to be there but he did a good job and I got lots of complements on all of my boys and their excellent behavior.  I explained to one nice lady that I used to have to put Dan in a headlock to get his hair cut but that he did eventually learn that it is easier to just sit still -- well relatively still.

Dan was obviously more happy to be done.
 Jake put a smile on at the beginning of his hair cut but I kept making it take longer by trying to get Tia to cut it shorter and so he was done before his haircut was.  He was good about it though.
 See!  I think in this picture he is dreaming of being at home and doing something he actually wants to do.
 Connor had the most miserable experience of all.  He is oldest and so I had him wait until last.  Somebody was doing nails nearby and it was super smelly.  Connor hated it.  I took Jake and Dan home while Connor was getting his hair cut and so he had to stay the longest.  He was there two hours and fifteen minutes -- but his haircut was only 45 of that and that included the instructor coming to check Tia's work.
 Look how happy he is after he has a great haircut and, hiding in his room, his consolation chocolate truffles.  Tia was happy when he was done too because for her tip I gave her two sandwiches and some barbeque chips.  She was really hungry. 
Finally, here I am.  I went back later and had my eyebrows done which you can't really see anyhow because of my glasses.  Tia did a fine job.  You can see that today is a Cookie Monster day.  I think I choose him when I am really hoping to stay at home and watch movies, or read a book, and eat cookies.  That didn't happen but it was a nice idea.

And REALLY finally I will tell you the latest thing Dan said to amuse me.

I said, "It's messy huh?"
He said, "Mom, you just have to jump over the stuff."
See?  No cleaning required -- you just think of a messy room as a really fun obstacle course.


Michelle said...

Job well done Tia! Adam is really good at the homemade obstacle course, too.

T said...

those are some great haircuts!

Q and I of course then had to discuss the process of a haircut at a Beauty School... which he has never done... I'm pretty sure he never will now. that silly "time" thing is so important to him :)

and I love Dan's attitude, he can visit me anytime - it's a new obstacle course every day! (but we keep the REALLY fun attractions like the backpack hall hurdle every day)

this mornings blog comment over at MoreInfo cracked me up - thanks :)

Megz said...

What was she doing there in the morning??!! Now I'm mad I didn't capitalize on it.
Jake's smile is so Fuller!