Monday, January 24, 2011

Keeping a Promise

While I was reading my blogs from the past I realized that I had promised to post Tia's pictures from the prom, which was also her first date, almost two years ago.  Many of you will have seen them, but they never made it to the blog and so I'm going to put a few of Tia's dance pictures here and keep that long ago promise.

 The pictures above are Tia before the Prom.  Her dates name is Dalton.  Tia was disappointed that her curls didn't stay in as good as she hoped and Dalton's Mom didn't think she had proper "prom hair" but they had a good time.
 This was the next school year and was maybe the Sweethearts dance.  Tia went with Hunter who wore a matching tie.
 This is the group they went with and the boys who helped serve dinner.
This is Tia and Adam before homecoming.  Derek and I were out of town and so I think Grandma F. was the photographer.  Tia has gone to other less dressy dances but I don't have pictures for those. 

Tia went on a big group date on Saturday where they went rock climbing.  I think her fingers are still sore.  It all went well until she ran out of gas on the way home.  Thankfully they were not far from where we live and so I took a full gas can (It was really a blessing that it was full!) and put some gas in the truck and sent her to the gas station while I took the other two people where they needed to go.  She was embarrassed but she is really good at laughing at herself and we were both really thankful it didn't happen on the freeway.  Derek would have gone to the rescue but he was not feeling well.  Thankfully he is better now.

So now you've enjoyed pictures of beautiful Tia and I've finally kept my promise.  Happy day!


Michelle said...

What Mother would tell her son's date that her hair wasn't good enough? Tia has a type. She has good taste, too. Big T ran out of gas on the day he was proposing and was so late picking me up that I fell asleep. We all have embarrassing dating moments and if running out of gas is her worst, then I think she is doing just fine. At least she didn't barf on herself like I did.

Megz said...

What teen hasn't run out of gas? There's just that living-on-the-edge mentality...
Fun dating pictures.

T said...

promise kept! and she's beautiful :) but you already knew that.