Thursday, February 17, 2011

Imagine the Dancing Cousins

I thought that you were finally going to get to view the dancing cousins Connor and Poe-lina (not his her real name).  It works great on my computer but I can't get it to upload and so I'll have to figure out why and try again.  So here is the rest of the post that has been waiting to be sent out.

There was a lot of fun dancing at the luncheon after cousin Brynn was baptized.  I got some pictures of her.  She is very photogenic.
I also liked the pictures that I got of my boys on the trip to the baptism.  It was obviously an exciting ride!  The ride home was looking pretty similar. 

The day was so much fun that for Valentine's Day we got the dancing game for our family.  It provided me with a lot of entertainment as I watched my boys wiggle their hips back and forth.  Maybe some time I'll figure out how to upload video of that too.  Until then your imagination will do.


Megz said...

I'm on my way over. That is sooo much more fun that Mario Cart. And the lame-o sports that don't really show off my athleticism.

LC said...

Woohoo! You caught the dance bug. Think of all the fun date nights and family nights you'll have, Der will catch it too...BD did it for his workout the other day. That would have been fun to watch :)
Thanks for the cute photo of Brynn!

Saimi said...

Cute pictures of the kids...Love the sleepy boys.

I just started a Zumba class, Holy Moly what a blast!! Although maybe I should do the dancing thing in the privacy of my own home..I don't know if I'm ready to shake it in public!

Michelle said...

Let's have a dance off at the family reunion now that everyone is practicing. Fun pictures. I cannot wait for the video.

T said...

awesome - I'm going to have to watch that video on our next visit... not sure the whole world is ready for Poeina's debut performance :)