Friday, February 4, 2011

New Awesome Moves

Today has had its ups and downs, and ups, and way downs and ups again.  So I wanted to count some of the ups.  First off, this morning Derek walked into the family room and Dan showed him his "new awesome moves".  He showed them to me too and they were awesome and I just went and had him perform for the camera for your viewing pleasure.  Note also that you can feel good about yourselves if you do not have unfolded laundry in your family room, or even if you do, since -- well why not?
Besides getting to see awesome moves today I was rather pleased that the television didn't stay on all morning (which is normal when I have sick ones home -- which has been all week).  Dan and I exercised by playing the Wii Explorer game -- though I finally got on the exercise bike at the end when he kept choosing one player.  He doesn't like to lose and I guess I had awesome moves this morning too -- which would account for me winning.

Next Dan helped me repot Rosey.  He said he wished she had a face so that he could talk to her and she could talk back.  After that Dan helped me make dinner.  He peeled the carrots and pushed the button on the chopper to chop up onions and tomatoes, and poured in the broth.  Then he even took some groceries downstairs to the storage room.

So on a day when everything didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked, I am very thankful for my boy with the "New Awesome Moves".


Marcy said...

WOW! Love those awesome moves! He is so cute!

Saimi said...

I can't even move like that with music let alone with out any!!

Way to go Dan!!

T said...

what a dancer!!!

and Rosey is looking very nice and healthy in that beautiful new roomy pot of hers! May she live long and prosper!! (oops, the sci-fie geek in me just had to say that!)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the chuckle. Glad Rosie is still alive. I am still waiting for my sprouts to pop up, but I am hopeful. What are the highs without the lows? We wouldn't appreciate them otherwise.

Megz said...

SYTYCD (come on, you should know what that stands for!) is in SLC doing auditions. Get his bootie down there!
I have several videos on my phone of my girls dancing. Nothing is cuter than little kids shaking it to their own moves.

LC said...

Those are awesome moves and Dan is so sweet. I hope he doesn't mind being called sweet.