Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunny Days

It seems that, after reading my Q and A session, some came to the conclusion that it wasn't too sunny in Cancun.  Actually, it only rained one afternoon / evening and was beautifully sunny the rest of the time.  It's just that we mostly enjoyed it by looking out of the window.  Most people seemed perfectly warm in their bikinis.  I was one of the extreme few who felt a jacket was necessary during the day too.  I'm a wind wimp.  Derek did jog on the beach three days in a row -- until his feet couldn't really take it anymore.  So here are some more sunny pictures.
Here's the picture I took trying to get me and the lovely background.  I missed.

I did a little better on this one.

See the palm trees sway.  Wind was pretty constant -- except the morning before the thunder storm -- it was hot that morning.

Here's Derek right before we left.  Isn't it nice that he looks great even when he feels absolutely lousy?  He went back to work today, which doesn't really mean he's 100 percent better.  Alas, his phone didn't survive its toilet dunking.  He'll be getting a fabulous new one soon.  In the meantime I sent him a text message before remembering he wasn't going to get it.

So, now that we've been home for a few days I guess it's about time to move on to something else -- like SEP conferences which I'm going to be late for if I don't leave soon.  Have a sunny feeling day!


T said...

I'm finally catching up - and getting a good laugh from the Corona Traffic tower, the heat miser hair and the potty phone - is Tia restraining herself from laughing hysterically every time she sees him?

LC said...

Derek jogs?
Nice pictures. Think I could tape that view to my kitchen window :)

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are amazing. Looking behind you and seeing the pool and resort...ahhh, its calling my name!!

I'm glad your hubby is feeling better!!