Monday, March 21, 2011

The weekend -- with BOB

Friday was not a school day around here and so we have a few fun things to report.

Trisa came home and so she was here to search for my missing wallet.  She and Kayli enjoyed debating over who had earned the milk shake that Derek had promised Kayli if she found it.  Trisa drove over to Tia's cosmetology school to look in the car Tia drove that day.  Apparently there was an incident involving Trisa not unlocking a door and Kayli running over and diving on top of Trisa to retrieve the wallet.  Mostly we're just glad that the wallet was found but the dramatic search added a bit of fun.  I took a picture of Trisa to prove she was here.
The truck is lovely, and green.  This is a good color for it because we spend a lot of green dollars on it lately.  It is currently all fixed -- again.  Cross your fingers.

Tia had a date on Saturday with a tall "red devil" with redish hair.  He was a nice enough guy and was only admitting to being a red devil because that is his high school's mascot.  Tia didn't talk about the tall red devil much, just about all of the people she saw that she knew while she was out.  Apparently her friends have a habit of jumping into her arms when they see her.  She told us she needs to get a shirt that says "Do not jump into arms.  Not as strong as looks".

We had the St. George cousins here on Friday which was a big party -- especially for the kids.  Then on Saturday evening our two St. George nieces came again.  We'll call them "H" and "M" in case their parents don't want their names published.  They came here while the rest of their family went to BOB (the Battle of the Bands).  Trisa, Kayli, Connor and I went with Auntie Moogie (Megz) to BOB -- but we didn't have to leave as early as the St George cousins.  Before we left Dan said a prayer which had Kayli giggling.  "Thanks that M is here (pause) and her sister, and thanks that my sisters are bigger than her sister.  Thanks that T is going to BOB".  "T" here is also known as Veggie Teen on his Mom's blog but Dan used his real name.

And how was BOB?  LOUD!  Veggie Teen played the piano and keyboard and did a fabulous job.  The announcer guy even mentioned him specifically as having done well.  Then there were lots of other bands too.  I should have bought the ear plugs.  I have never been to a concert before and Trisa informs me that this was good for me -- but I doubt it was good for my ears.  So, while the fun Aunt (Moogie / Megz) yelled loud enough that Veggie Teen heard her and smiled and later she also rushed the stage to stand next to Veggie Teen and pretend she was really enjoying that obnoxious music (some was good but I really didn't think that particular song was one of them), Veggie Teen's other aunt (me) yelled as loud as her pathetic voice allows -- which means Megz might have heard me while she was sitting by me-- and I did NOT rush the stage.  Veggie Teen will have to be happy with the fact that I went somewhere really loud just for him and I even really enjoyed his part of the music.

Sunday we listened to our friends who are headed off to Hawaii on a mission and then we headed to the Homestead for a party for H.  The best part was the dancing at the end.  Dan, we all know, has awesome moves.  For one song people were taking turns leading the dancing.  Connor took a really long turn because he, like Dan, has so many awesome moves.  Megz now knows that there is possible competition for the family reunion job of  leading the line dance:)  I'm sure H had a good time watching her Aunti Megz and her Dad up leading the dancing.

On the whole I am thankful that I do not have to spend every weekend at BOB, but it was a fun adventure that was a part of a good weekend.  Dan had so much fun with the cousins that he was exhausted.


T said...

I loved that Todd Nuk'em was so impressed with the keyboards - and we were just about as exhausted as Dan I think :)

Michelle said...

What a fun weekend. No fair that you get days off of school. It is wonderful that your girls get along so well that they will wrestle for a milkshake. My sisters and I just beat the crap out of each other.

Megz said...

I got enough shoutouts in this one to make me think it was my Birthday post all over again....
Tell Connor that I thrive on competition. It only makes me boogie harder.

stephanie said...

Megz told me about the BOB and how "Veggie teen" has some awesome skills. I think it sounds like a fun but loud time.