Friday, March 25, 2011

Woe With a Crown

So today I had reason to think about the people in my life who have hard things happen to them and never blog about it, or write to all of their family about it, or really even let anyone know about it.  I'm really impressed with them -- because I'm not really like that.  So here is my woe of the week, but don't worry, there are blessings too.   Oh, and if you keep things to yourself, how do you collect help and sympathy?  Most humans don't read minds well!

Monday:  The MRI on my neck.  Loud but interesting.  The people were nice and Dan got to play with a cousin.
Tuesday:  A trip to the chiropractor.  A little painful but he was happy to see me.  I'm funding his fun I think.
Wednesday:  A trip to the Orthopedic Dr. Nurse Practitioner.  My neck is mostly fine.
Thursday:  A Nerve Conduction test in the morning and my worn out gold crown fell out in the afternoon.
Friday: A trip to the dentist for a new crown -- except it won't be in my mouth until Tuesday.  Dan got to play with more cousins. 

Can anyone say "Ching, ching?"  I'm feeling a little expensive this week.

On a happy note.
Our tax return came in to help out with the ching, ching part of my fascinating appointments.
I have awesome sisters-in-law who come to my rescue when I need somewhere for Dan to play.
I have terrific friends and family who write me, pray for me, and give me distractions from my pity parties.
I have great parents and parents in law who pray for me, encourage me, and give me helpful info and advice.
Derek and my kids are really very, very, nice to me and help me when I need help.
This computer is really handy.
Dan did some of his awesome moves today which made me smile.

So, this week has contained a bit of Woe -- but there is a crown on top -- one for my tooth -- and the better one of having a very supportive network of friends and family.  I hope that your week has been more of the crown part, and a little less of the woe.


stephanie said...

It does sound like a very expensive and not so fun week. Megz is great about helping out and coming to the rescue. She is a good egg! But then again, all of you Christensenites are pretty fabulous!

I hope your next week is loaded with fun... without cleaning out your wallet

Megz said...

You need to start making more exciting appointments. Like with vacation planners or something.

Marcy said...

That is a pretty busy week and not a fun one it sounds like! What happened to your neck? Hope it gets better SOON!

cold cocoa said...

I think it's great to share news. I know I don't like being in the dark about important stuff like this!

Hope good answers come soon.

Happy Mom said...

I hope your upcoming week has less doctor visits and more fun visits with friends or family! Less money going out, more answers coming in!

Michelle said...

I really wish I lived closer to be there for you like the close ones are in times of trial. Who knows, maybe your family will move close to us one day and then I can be the one who takes him in when you have expensive weeks.

LC said...

There are definitely more fun ways to spend money.
Thanks for keeping us updated.