Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Awesome Pictures

I was planning on posting awesome Easter pictures, but when I uploaded them I discovered I didn't take any awesome pictures, unless you count awesomely bad.  There was a good one of Dan.  Somehow I took more of him than anyone else so the odds were better.  Perhaps I should remember to point the camera at everyone else a little more often!

I'd put in the one of Jake except it is goofy (I think I must have deleted the wrong one).  I'm afraid of my sweet Kayli, and she wouldn't look at the camera anyhow.  There isn't a good picture of Connor either.  I don't know how I managed to think I had taken care of Easter pictures!

We really enjoyed getting together with family on Saturday for the annual C. Easter Egg hunt.  You can't beat the company.
This is a picture of this years Easter Week project.  We do it to learn more about what Jesus did on the original Easter week.  We usually do a table display, but the table is being used for a different Easter display now and so we did a picture instead.  It worked well, but the kids didn't figure out that I really wanted them to draw things until the end of the week.  By then everyone seemed to be more interested.  I liked that Jake or Dan asked almost every day when we were going to do the Easter "thing".

Other good news:
Trisa loved her Easter basket and she is glad the car she drives is working well again.
Tia did a great job conducting a stake fireside (big youth devotional) even though she was nervous.
Kayli does a great job conducting her young women's class on Sundays.
Connor is handling all of the stress of school well and he loaded the dishwasher for me when I hadn't really asked him to yesterday.
Jake didn't complain about piano lessons yesterday, or homework.  He is a good loving boy.
Dan says he loves me so many times a day it's almost ridiculous. 
Derek enjoyed watching an impressive thunder storm in NY today.
Sherie is spoiled.  I got a new can opener yesterday (electric) and today I get a new vacuum.  I can't wait!  I really like to vacuum.  It's a nice rewarding job.  Yesterday for FHE activity we played Just Dance 2 on the Wii.  I won all three times I played without having really played before.  Usually Connor, the Dance King, wins.  He was so impressed with me that he said now he knows where he gets his dancing skills.  I'm so proud of myself:)

I hope you had a Happy Easter and that YOU got some awesome pictures.


Saimi said...

What an AWESOME family you have!! I love the "Easter thing" What a great idea, it involves the kids, keeps them interested and they learn valuable information!

Good job mom!

LC said...

Sounds like Easter week was a success at your house. I'll have to try it that way next year. Drawing just might do the trick for our kids.

I thought Connor was a totally awesome dancer when he tried the Wii at our house. You beat him?!
Can't hide that light under a bushel-- Megz better take you to Zumba!

stephanie said...

I am glad you are excited about a new can opener and vacuum. I would be excited about a new vac. right now too.

TisforTonya said...

I'm sure I didn't even take any "decent" pictures - let alone "awesome"... lately I have forgotten my camera for important events and I'm left to describe it without visuals...

the Easter week might be something we need to adopt - great idea!!!

and I have been beaten soundly at the Wii dance game... it's embarrassing :)

Megz said...

At least Dan will have photo evidence that he was loved....
So excited for your new vacuum!