Monday, April 18, 2011

The End of Spring Break

On Wednesday (the 13th) we went to Discovery Gateway Children's Museum with some of my family.  It is expensive, and the older kids didn't absolutely love every minute of it -- but they were good sports and enjoyed the things they did.  This is Emma and Kayli playing in the first section we went to.  If you look carefully you can find Connor too.
Connor was a bit of a ham with the news.  I wish I had seen more of his newscasts.  He seemed to really enjoy that part -- just like Dan.
Jake didn't have a cousin his age to hang out with, but he was good about it and spent a lot of time on the climbing wall -- which was his favorite.
This museum was a very fun place for Dan.  He loved everything and was happy the whole time.  That was nice. 

The next day the cousins came down to stay with us (just for a day).  Dan liked that too and he came up crying Thursday night because he discovered that the cousins were leaving the next day and he didn't want them to.  Everyone played well together and Tina and I enjoyed looking at some slides of us as children and my parents on their wedding day.  Trisa came home on Friday after the cousins left which helped make up for the loss of our other good company.

We had fun every day.  Saturday I went shopping with all of my girls and Derek worked hard and played with the boys.  Sunday was a good day too as we began our celebration of Easter week.  This spring break was one that I really enjoyed.  I was sorry to see it end.  Today I am back to trying to be Superwoman.  I am doing pretty well, (I'm making progress on my list) -- if only I could fly!


cold cocoa said...

Looks like you had a great Spring Break! I'm glad you got to do a lot of family things.

Megz said...

You did a little bit of everything over spring break--way to celebrate!
Poor Dan, that is way too short of a time to spend with the faraway cousins.

Tonya said...

You guys had a very full week of fun... I am not sure I could handle that much adventure so close Together!

LC said...

I thought that girl next to Kayli was a younger version of Trisa!
Glad you had a totally fun Spring Break. Ours is this week. I'm sure we'll party to the max!