Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Force and Fun

Today I was driving Kayli to school from the orthodontist and was singing along to a Journey song that says "I come to you, with open arms", only I goofed and sang "I come to you, with broken arms".  I laughed and it made even  poor Kayli smile (who now has a horrible orthodontic device, called "the force", in her mouth).

Yesterday Tia cut Dan's much too long rock star hair.  Dan scowled the whole time and when Tia asked what was wrong he said that he wanted his bangs to touch his eyebrows.  Poor Dan.  I didn't know he wanted his bangs long, but I probably would have ignored his four year old wishes.  Don't worry, he still has all of his rock star moves.  He could see himself in the shiny silver part of the hair cutting chairs and he kept breaking out into his awesome moves while I got my eyebrows done.  He likes it best if he can see his own awesome moves.  Why not?  They are pretty awesome.


Saimi said...

That Dan is such a cutie pie! You made me go down memory lane when you said you sang the wrong words to the song. When my oldest son was a wee lad I was singing a country song by Clint Black called The Better Man.

My young son asked who the butter man is. I had to laugh!

Happy Mom said...

I love your updates. I love spring break, especially when it doesn't look like winter break. My Anna has a weird orthodontic devise in her mouth also! I don't know if it's called the force, but it could be...it's supposed to be forcing her mouth to get wider. Yucky stuff.

stephanie said...

what is the force? It sounds completely unpleasant.

Good job with your lyrics. broken arms works for me:)