Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh what do YOU do in the Summertime?

I often have grand plans for the summertime.  This year I was rather dreading it, but I thought dread was a really bad plan and so I was trying to figure out how to make the Summer sound more fun.  The kids, bless their hearts, are never as enthused about my grand schemes as I am, especially if it includes grand chore lists.  So, just for fun I decided to write a list of things I would like to do.  I happen to know that I often like the planning stage a lot more than the doing, it takes less energy.  Here are some of the things that sounded fun yesterday.  I'd love to see what sounds fun to you!

Paint a picture outside (sit outside and paint)
Hike in Rock Canyon
Go on bike rides
Read outside on a blanket (preferably with no bugs around)
Go on walks with Derek
Have a game day with the kids
Have a water day with the kids
Paint the bar stools (fabulously of course)
Learn to play “Standing in the Kitchen” on the guitar (again) – put it on Youtube
Go to the Library
“Triathlon” day (Bike a little, jog about 10 feet, and leisurely swim -- I'm not up for the real thing)
Baking day (treats for friends)
Look through a telescope at the stars
Writing Day (Okay, so maybe not the WHOLE day)
Restaurant Day (make our own with menu and everything)
Music Day
Movie Day
Farm Day (maybe we could skip mucking out the stalls)
Exploring day (Take a lunch to Nephi land or the canyon and be explorers)
Cook Outside Day (one day's enough right?)
Eat breakfast outside
Sew something
Puppet show
Make a movie (The really unprofessional short kind with the kids)
Sports Day
Feed the Ducks
Write the music for hymn
Go to D.I. on a treasure hunt
Go to church history museum
Go to This is the Place State Park
Do leaf rubbings
Finger paint (for Kayli)
Work on rock wall in Elk Ridge
Play tag
Invite family and friends to have fun with us.

Obviously I can't do all of these things by myself.  For example, walking with Derek won't work if I'm by myself, and I think I would feel silly sitting around doing leaf rubbings by myself.  I thought of things I wanted to do, but a lot of them do require others to be around.  I'm kind of funny that way.  My goal was to make a fun list and to be less disappointed than usual when I only pull off actually doing two of the things on the list.  Two is better than none.  Bring on the Summer!


Happy Mom said...

Good list! I'm going to borrow some of your ideas. I'm also going to think about this some more and get back with you. We try to have a water day about once a week (sprinklers sometimes, real pool other times). And I really want to make a quilt out of old levis, and another out of old t-shirts. But those generally work with the older two or three, leaving the younger three to reek havoc!

Marcy said...

Sounds like a great list, and I bet you can get more than 2 in! My list for the summer has only one item.....MOVE! That's enough for me.

LC said...

Wow! I should totally send my kids over for summer camp at your house.
I honestly haven't thought about summer yet maybe because it was SNOWING today. Sheesh.
If summer ever comes I'd like to have afternoon read-aloud time and take a trip to a State or National Park.

Megz said...

I can't make my summer list until the last day of school.
Yours sounds pretty fun and I bet you could get a few squeezed into one day.
I would add throwing rocks in the water somewhere. That's always hours of fun.