Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our 18th Spring with Tia

Tia was born in the Spring after a really snowy Winter.  We lived in Bountiful and the snow was up to my rather round "waist".  The driveway looked like a tunnel, and Derek pulled snow off the roof to make sure it wouldn't cave in.  I can't remember what the weather was like on Tia's birthday but it was a happy day because Tia was born healthy and all had gone well.
Tia was a super cute little girl.  She had a little squeaky voice that I can't really describe well but which is fun to listen to in old videos.  Now she has a lovely voice that she uses to laugh, talk, and sing.  She is my Sunday choir buddy.  Tia loves music.  It could make things all better when she was little and it still helps her in different ways.  She plays the piano very well -- even though she's so busy lately that she doesn't get much opportunity to play.

Tia has leaned over the years to be really good at laughing at herself even when she's embarrassed.  She enjoys telling her own stories about whatever funny thing she's managed to do.  Tia and her Dad have fun laughing together.

Tia is a really good sister for all her siblings but is particularly good friends with Trisa.  Tia is hoping to join Trisa at college as soon as possible, but she has to finish cosmetology school first.  In the last week she has cut Jake's hair, my hair, and Connor's hair and will be doing Dan's hair Thursday. 

On Monday we had a little surprise family birthday party.  We had a Tia game, boola boola (a look for little presents game), pie, and a mystery to watch.  She seemed very grateful and was a good sport.  Her real birthday will be full of school, dinner, and a Young Women activity.  At least I'll make her the dinner of her choice (noodles -- not spaghetti so probably rigatoni) and she'll get presents and a strawberry delight cake.  Tia likes fruit and is more inclined than I ever am to eat fruit instead of dessert.

When Tia was about 2 years old I went to KMart and a lady there stopped me to say, "That is the cutest girl I have ever seen".  She was cute, but now Tia is a beautiful, kind person with a lot of spunk.  We are happy to have another Spring with Tia.   

Happy Birthday Tia!


Michelle said...

Tia is fantastic! Happy birthday. Is she really coming to SUU for college or did you mean in general joining Trisa in the college activity? We love Tia Toast and Cheese! (She probably won't remember that experience, but it is my favorite with her.)

Megz said...

Happy Birthday to Tia. Maybe I'll text her since I'm super hip like that now......
I just remember her being the cutest chubby baby who would brush my hair. (I guess I should clarify she wasn't a baby while brushing my hair!)
Tia is a fun chick.

T said...

Happy Birthday Tia :) It's hardly possible that she is this old since I remember her as a teensy tiny little infant... and I'm sure I have been married that long... oh, oops - yep, I'm getting old :) (technically it's true, I haven't been married quite that long... but we were dating quite seriously by the time Tia was born)

stephanie said...

I remember Tia so well as a baby. She was cute and chubby. I am beginning to feel old. happy Birthday Tia!

Marcy said...

How sweet! I hope she has/had a GREAT birthday!!

LC said...

You described her so well!
Happy Birthday Tia.