Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dan Granduates from Preschool and a Bonus

 Dan graduated from preschool last night.  He has loved his year with Ms. Tonya and, I think, was my first boy to actually participate in his preschool graduation with his classmates instead of sitting beside me.
 Here he is looking to Ms. Tonya to see what to do.  After every segment he would yell to me "Mom!  Did you love it?" There were over 200 people there to help celebrate and I was sitting on the floor in the front to take video.  If he couldn't hear my answer he would yell "Talk louder!".
At one point he yelled to me "I love you Mom!"  He was very cute and I expect that nobody much noticed his yelling because they would have been focused on their own little people.  He yelled that he needed a kleenex once too and Jake took it to him and I went to get it.  Dan really isn't very shy.  He is going to miss preschool.
 Here is the "Bonus".  This is from last Saturday.  The wind came up and was blowing blossoms across the trampoline.  Dan and Jake were playing in falling blossoms and I was trying to capture it.
This was a little blurry, but I still thought it was worth keeping with the pretty tree, two cute boys and a smiling Derek in the background.


Marcy said...

I love that he kept yelling to you for praise. SO CUTE!! I love Ms. Tonya and her graduations. Great memories!

Megz said...

I like that picture of Der's head by the tramp.
How nice to have one of the loud showoff kids at graduation! I've always wondered what that would be like....

stephanie said...

congratulations on the big Preschool graduation. What a cute kid.

Saimi said...

How ADORABLE is he!! I love that he was so excited!! We used to do a little graduation with our preschoolers but it got to chaotic.

With special Ed kiddo's they would fall apart with all the parents and the change of routine so we no longer do one.

Now Dan will be headed towards bigger and better things..does that mean he's..... growing up.