Monday, May 2, 2011

Reports with Pics

Vacuum Report:  We have greatly enjoyed vacuuming with our new vacuum.  The carpet looks fluffier, and it really is rather fun (even if it's also kind of gross) to see how much you vacuum up.

Mower Report:  We also got a new mower.  Our old one finally broke in enough ways that it needed to be replaced.  We decided to try an old fashioned reel type mower.  It was relatively inexpensive and it does not use gasoline.  As a bonus, Jake can mow with it.  He said it is a lot less heavy than the other one, and a lot easier to turn.  Dan (when I went out to hit a few missed spots) informed me that it was his job to mow, and he did.  Granted, he decided the best plan was to push it way back on the cement and make a run at the grass so it would work better.  I like it because you can run around the lawn if you want, you don't have to go at the pathetic self propelled speed.  We'll have to keep you posted on whether it remains popular.

***Yes Dan was posing in this one.
Can Opener Report:  I have never owned an electric can opener in my life until now.  I think at some point I whined about pain in a blog.  After seeing a couple of doctors and having some nice expensive tests it was discovered that I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  One of the affects of having this for me is that sometimes it really hurts to hold something tightly or to push down with my hand.  So, our pathetic regular can openers, that I replace regularly, were very hard for me to use.  I got a nice under the counter one so it doesn't take up counter space (Thanks for the suggestion Shannon!).  Unfortunately, I have had quite the lack of need for a can opener since we got it.  I did open one can yesterday and it worked like a charm.

**I know you are thinking "What!  Nobody posing with a can?"  We still didn't need one opened.

New Game Report:  I also splurged and bought a new game.  Some of our relatives own it and we liked it and so I got it.  I'd report on it except we've been too busy vacuuming and mowing to play it.

End of Report.


Megz said...

I think you must be too busy cleaning and mowing to be opening cans. I'm personally kindof scared of the electric ones....
I'm pumped about your mower. It seems like a great thing with the price of gas and with kids who are needing to help mow more.
New wii game?

Sher said...

No, I got Anomia

Saimi said...

Love the push mower! Too bad my boys missed out on that one, wished I had thought of that!

Happy Mom said...

You've never owned an electric can opener? Wow...I feel so spoiled. But I really like that under the counter idea. We need a new mower also. Gonna have to think about your suggestion there. Sounds a little fun. We got a new game too. It's called pass the popcorn, I think. It was much to much fun...even if we hadn't seen a lot of the movies, we'd heard enough about them to sometimes answer right. Fun post! Thanks for sharing!

stephanie said...

I love new things! That vacuum looks nice. I am a fan of electric can openers :)