Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tia's High School Graduation

Here is one of Tia's senior pictures taken the week before graduation.

The next picture is Tia walking in to start the long trek around the track before graduation.

Next we see Tia right after having received her diploma cover (they picked up their diplomas at the snack shack after the ceremonies).

For those of you who have heard of Darci, who has been Tia's friend for many years, here is a picture of them together after graduation.

My parents, Tia's Grandma and Grandpa F. drove a couple of hours plus some to come sit with us in the sun and see Tia graduate.  They got a little sun burnt.  Oops.
Next you'll see a picture of Tia with her proud parents.  Someone caught me being goofy.  Derek is holding a gift Tia got from a friend.
Finally, we have a picture of Tia with Kayli.  Kayli came to graduation and stayed the whole time.  We somehow missed getting her photo until we were at home.
The day before graduation it poured rain -- really a lot of rain.  We were thankful to have sun because, as far as we know, there was no backup location, there was just the football field.  There are fun things about having graduation outside.  One of the coolest was that they had sky divers come who landed on the field.  One had a big American Flag.  The first flew right by us on his way to land and then it was his job to catch the flag when the other guy landed.  The American Legion did the flag ceremony and, though I'm woefully uninformed about what exactly you call it, they saluted the flag by shooting their guns.  Later someone shot off something that sounded like a cannon.  It was good to have a pretty day and special events to go with it.  Tia did a good job of enjoying graduation.

Later that evening Tia, Grandma and Grandpa F., Derek and I celebrated by having dinner at The Cracker Barrel.  After that Tia went to the senior all nighter.  She managed to stay up all night even though she had a miserable cold.  Somehow Tia keeps going and keeps cheerful.

Congratulations to Tia.


stephanie said...

congratulations Tia! This makes me feel old because Tia was 1 or 2 when I graduated from High School.

Saimi said...

Ahhhhh Congratulations!!! Wow, a graduate! I love that the ceremony was outside, especially since the sun was shining!

She looks so happy!!! What a super GREAT day!

Happy Mom said...

What a wonderful day! You are very blessed to have had good weather day amongst the rain. What good examples she is to everyone, and what fun memories!

LC said...

She looks ready to conquer the world. Glad it was a great day for all.

Marcy said...

Congrats to Tia (and her proud parents)!!!!