Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father and Sons, Mother and Daughters

Friday was the annual Fathers and Sons camp out.  Derek took our three boys, a tent, some food, and blankets and off they went.  I have no pictures of their activities or of the activities I did with my girls so I'll do my best with word pictures.

Derek enjoyed talking to some friends.  They compared wife stories.  The friend's wife doesn't like it when nobody sits beside her in Relief Society.  I wouldn't llike that either.  Derek just compared our dreams.  He has violent nightmares where he needs to protect the family and has a hard time moving.  I have nightmares where people don't like me.

Connor enjoyed playing capture the flag and other games with his friends.

Jake loved the chance to play his favorite game with his friends.  He got up an hour earlier than Derek and his brothers and went out to play tag.

Dan made Derek smile.  They were walking from their tent to the fire.  Along the way they passed several people, adults and youth.  Dan waved at one man and said, "Hi! We're going to the fire."  He passed some youth and said "Hi guys!"  And, sometimes people would say "Hi Dan!" first.  Dan's very friendly and is well liked.  Dan also told the Dad of an African little boy (one of Dan's friends) "He's brown."  The Dad agreed.

In the meantime the girls and I dressed up, yes -- in dresses, and went out to eat.  Kayli ordered a pizza pocket and felt silly about it. The other two girls had some fancy chicken, and chicken fried steak, and I had soup and salad.  Tia was very sun burnt and was having a hard time being warm even though her skin was burning up.  After dinner we went to a wedding reception for Shannon's daughter Chelsea.  I enjoyed it very much.  Trisa enjoyed it very much, Tia enjoyed it except for the hugs because they hurt, and Kayli wished we hadn't stayed so long since she didn't know as many people.

We watched a movie when we got home and then headed to bed.  The next day Tia was up early for school and I was up with her.  She went to school.  I managed to read, go on a walk, and weed the garden before the other girls got up.  I enjoyed the quiet time, they enjoyed the sleep.

It was a good weekend for Father and Sons and Mother and Daughters.


LC said...

Funny Dan!
Way to make some family memories.
Tell Tia to put some apple cider vinegar on that burn:)

Megz said...

I have always loved/ and will always love fathers and sons campouts. Fun for all genders.