Saturday, June 11, 2011

Things I Love to Do

1.  I love to read a light hearted (clean) romantic comedy.
2.  I love to read a books where I learn something.
3.  I love holding hands with Derek (until our hands get all sweaty)
4.  I love to dance.
5.  I love to sit outside and watch the kids play.
6.  I love to watch the birds at the bird feeder.
7.  I like creating beautiful things.  I don't do it often but it gives me a sense of accomplishment!
8.  I love talking on the phone with my family and friends.
9.  I love a peaceful ride / drive through the country (by this I mean no busy roads, lots of greenery or good landscaping).
10.  I love listening to Derek and his brothers banter back and forth trying to outdo each other at being the most funny and clever.  His sisters sometimes join in and I enjoy this too.
11.  I love hanging out with my family (my parents, Derek's parents, brothers, sisters (including the in-law variety, and their kids).  They all have good humor, and wisdom.
12.  I love helping.
13.  I love visiting with (either in person or through technology) extended family that I don't get to see very much.  It is always fun to reconnect, and to discover again what great relatives I have.
14.  I love when I can teach my kids something in a happy way.
15.  I love playing music on the piano or flute, especially with friends.
16.  I love going to the temple.  I can always feel Heavenly Father's love for me there.
17.  I love listening to good music.
18.  I love the times when all of us here at home are busy working together and are happy.
19.  I love swinging.
20.  I love to write poems
21.  I love to vacuum carpet.  It's a rewarding job.
22.  I love it when Derek thinks he's funny.  He usually is right, but it's more fun because he enjoys it so much. (Okay so this isn't something to do, but I still love it)
23.  I love hugs -- therefore I must love hugging.
24.  I love sitting on a warm beach, listening to the ocean and watching the waves or reading a book.
25.  I love walking in the woods in the snow, it's like being in a different world.
26.  I love singing.
27.  I love sitting by the fire.
28.  I love seeing my kids do good and kind things.
29.  I love giving presents that I know someone will like.
30.  I love writing notes to people.
31.  I love wrapping up in a blanket when I'm cold.
32.  I love walking through garden shops and choosing flowers to buy.
33.  I love to look at (and own) musical instruments.
34.  I love walking with Derek.
35.  I love talking to Derek.
36.  I love talking to people about the things they value, especially when I value them too.
37.  I love to smile at people to try to get them to smile too.
38.  I love going to libraries or bookstores -- there's always the possibility of finding treasures.
39.  I love walking in the morning sunshine.
40.  I love reminiscing about happy times.

I made this list because I felt that if I identified the things I love to do, I could be sure to do them more often.  It's good to love what you do!

*I love to point out obvious things like:  This list is not made in any particular order and just because romance novels were listed first doesn't mean I love them better than I love other things -- like visiting with you!  This also isn't an all inclusive list, I'm bound to have forgotten temporarily, or to have not discovered yet some of the things I love to do.


Marcy said...

I love A LOT of those same things and I need to do them more often!! I spend too much time doing the things I don't like to do.

Happy Mom said...

I love this list! I like that now I'm going to use the reminder to do some of those happy things! I'll add one...I like being able to stay in touch with you and know what's going on in your world!

stephanie said...

fun to read! I agree with most of them as things I love too. However, I don't think I have ever made anything that looked nice so creating beautiful things I have not experienced. That is more of an "I hate" for me.
Are you sure you don't love romance novels the most? hehe

Megz said...

Doesn't Derek always think he's funny?
See, the sisters can dish it too!

LC said...

Switch Derek's name for BD's and I think I could have the same list. Fun post.

Anna said...

I love that so many of your loves revolve around Derek!! And after reading so many of your list items, I knew there was a good reason we are kindred spirits!!