Sunday, July 31, 2011

50th Anniversary Party

September 1, 1961
Doyle and Anna
My Parents on their wedding day

Mom and Dad

My Parents at their 50th Anniversary Party.

The paparazzi

Feeding each other Anniversary cake (made and decorated by Tina)
My parents 50th wedding anniversary party was held on Thursday July 28th.  This was the first day of our family reunion.  It was held in my sister Jenny's yard.  Here's how it happened.
1.  We gathered
2.  We had dinner outside on beautifully decorated tables.  Neighbors helped serve and clear.
3.  Jenny introduced the program.
4.  Ray gave a very nice tribute to my parents.
5.  We all sang "No Empty Chairs" by Orrin Hatch and Janice Kapp Perry
6.  Tina gave  her tribute and the beautiful quilt she spent hours and hours making for them.  Unfortunately my camera was in the car.
7.  We sang two verses of "You are My Sunshine" and some people got the giggles over the rather tragic second verse.
8.  I read my tribute (It was a poem I wrote for their anniversary).
9.  Brian and Jenny gave their tributes.
10.  Kayli, Trisa, Alexandrea, and I sang "Happily Ever After" by Jenny Phillips outside on the steps while Tia played it on the piano in the house (and sang) and Audrey turned pages and sang.  We perhaps needed more volume and a bit more practice.
11.  We took a break for family pictures.
12.  My parents cut the cake while they had their picture taken a zillion times and then fed the cake to each other.
13.  We all ate cake, except Dan who is allergic and so he had Oreos, and Derek because it was too late and maybe others that I'm not aware of because really I didn't ask everyone if they had cake!
14.  We had a dance.  I wondered how a dance would work out but it ended up being fun.  Connor was great and kept asking his sisters to dance.  He tried asking one of his cousins once, but she turned him down and so he stuck to his sisters.  Derek danced with me.  Isn't he nice?  We got to pick songs and so Brian had us dancing to "Stayin' Alive".  We tried the chicken dance too -- which was funny.  Dan did do some of his moves, but everyone was so busy doing their own moves that they didn't notice. 
15.  After the dance we eventually got everyone situated and to sleep.  It really was a very well done and happy event for my very deserving parents.


Happy Mom said...

Love the pictures! They look beautiful (now I know where you inherited your charm and good looks). What a fun party, and a nice tribute to wonderful parents. Thanks for all your love and support.

LC said...

What a great way to celebrate.

Love the photos and the dancing! I think that bygone era of big bands and dance halls sounds so fun.

Megz said...

Loved your mom in her wedding dress. She's a dainty little thing.
I am wishing you had found out for sure who ate the cake because now we're just left hanging.
Sounds like good family times!

TisforTonya said...

we were all watching "America's Got Talent" last night and were missing Dan's moves... since we were sure they were decidedly better than what we were watching on stage...

glad you had such a great partay :)

Anna said...

I can sure see your dad in your boys. I love seeing wedding photos...what a handsome couple then and now! The party looks like a great success. How awesome that Connor would get into the dancing and ask his sisters to dance!