Monday, July 18, 2011

How to be the Best Mother-in-law Ever

My Mother-in-law is second from the right.  This was almost 5 years ago, but it is a good picture of her and of my own good Mom.
I am not a mother-in-law yet, but I feel like I know how to be a really great one because I have had the blessing of having a wonderful mother-in-law for over 23 years.  Today is her birthday and so in honor of her I am going to tell you some of the things she has done over the years that qualify her as the best mother-in-law ever in my eyes.

She welcomed me into her family, and has always treated me like one of her own.

When Derek and I were very poor newlyweds there was a time when I could have gone through my closet and told you where almost every piece of clothing in it came from.  A rather shocking percentage would have been from my Mother-in-law.  She would come by bringing me a "Spring Present", or a present for some other occasion that most people don't get presents for.  I wonder what I would have worn had she not come up with so many occasions?

My mother-in-law is a compassionate person and a very good listener.  Sometimes I have been embarrassed to discover that I have spent a few hours with her and mostly talked about me!  It is so easy to talk to someone who is interested, and she is genuinely interested in people, but more especially the people that she loves.

I really couldn't count the number of times that she has, at very little, or no notice, dropped her own plans for the day and come running to help out with whatever it is that I needed that day.  Sometimes it was to tend at short notice.  Sometimes it was to listen when I needed a listener.  Sometimes it was to deal with some pregnancy related challenge.  Whatever the need, I always knew that if she could, she would meet it.

My mother-in-law is very good at being present.  By this I mean, if it is important to a family member, she will be there if she can and it will also be important to her.  Her motto is "It is all about family", and we are her priority.  She is there for birthdays and anniversaries.  She is there for baby births, blessings, and baptisms.  She is there for ball games, dance recitals and concerts.  Holidays are for family too and she is at the heart of it all.  With 11 children, 10 children in law, and 46 grandchildren (with 2 on the way), plus her own brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, etc. this is rather an impressive thing to be a part of.

She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and shares that love through the things she does and says.  She is currently on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints being an example in yet another way.  Is it any wonder that I love her, and feel that she is the best mother-in-law ever?  I honor her.  I hope when I am a Mother-in-law I will be like her.  I also hope she has a very happy birthday.


Happy Mom said...

What a wonderful post. Thanks for reminding me of the blessings that good people bring into our lives. I'm glad she's always been there for you, and I think you've learned all those wonderful skills from her and you'll get to use them even more when the time comes.

LC said...

Very well expressed, Sher.
Aren't we blessed!