Monday, July 4, 2011

Vacation Picture Tour Part One

Friday Morning walk in Granby, MA

Claire and Dan in NJ holding hands as they played in the yard.

Tia and Trisa on the Staten Island Ferry

Kayli on the Staten Island Ferry.
Jake in the background.

Lady Liberty

Diana, William, Dallin, Jake

Jake and Dan on the Subway in NYC

Jake, Dallin, Bryon -- NYC Subway

The Angel Moroni, NYC LDS Temple

Connor and his buddy Uncle Bryon (Our guide) in Central park

Tia, Central Park

Dan, who posed every time I pointed a camera at him.  Central Park.

Kayli showing how much she loves having a camera pointed at her.

Claire hides in Central Park

Dan also enjoyed hiding in Central Park.

What the pictures to not show:
**Kayli and I racing out of the big white van to see who could hug Grandma first.  I won because there was a door on my side of the van.
**Derek's parents "mission house" that was built in the 1800s and has lots of fascinating things like a cistern in the basement and a spooky attic (okay, so I never went up there).
**Derek's parents sneaking down the extremely squeaky stairs so they wouldn't wake us up.
**The swarm of mosquitoes that cut our walk a little short in Granby.
**William valiantly trying to keep up in NYC with the help of his amazing Mom, even though he had a mysterious fever the whole time we were there that was kept at bay with ibuprofen. 
**Dan crying when we didn't let him join the other 1000 (roughly) children at the playground.
**Everyone standing by a corner of a tall building staring up and Dan proclaiming that several buildings in NYC and Boston are the tallest in the whole world.


stephanie said...

OH I am getting so jealous! I loved it when I got to go to NYC and have never been to Boston. What a great opportunity to see family as well as see some really cool places

Megz said...

I know we are missing out on so many pictures! Just go ahead and post the embarrassing ones too.
Part one looks very fun.

Saimi said...

How FUN!! Everyone is having such a great time I can't wait to see part 2!!!

That Dan sure is a cutie!

LC said...

So cool to be where so many movies have been filmed--like Enchanted.

I loved the part about you racing to hug the parents.