Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dan Said...

Mom, I can say anything I want in my prayer tonight.  Okay?

Looking amused I say, "Sure" (I never tell him what to say).

So in his prayer he says something like "Thanks that I wish there were no Moms and Dads so that I could do whatever I want."

Afterwards I said something like "You wish there was no me?"

And he says with a smile,  "But I still love you Mom".

I think the next day in family prayer he added what he often does, "And thanks that I love Mom" so I can't be too worried, except that apparently he wants to do something I don't want him to do!

While we were at Lagoon (the amusement park) he said, "I wish I lived here!"  Any time he walked past a ride he would say "That ride is my very favorite!", and as we were leaving and he was crying big, tragic crocodile tears, "But I didn't get to go on enough rides!"  That is one boy who loves "Magoon".

Today he was hungry and he asked when it was time for lunch.  I told him in about an hour and a half.  About five minutes later he came back and said "It's been at least an hour and a half, is it lunch time now?"

It's always fun to see what Dan will say next.


Saimi said...

I love Dan! Ya know, I feel the same way when I'm hungry. Five minutes can seem like forever, just imagine an hour and a half...that's an eternity!

Yep, Life According to Dan...It has a certain ring to it!

I'm glad he still loves his mommy! :)

Megz said...

I think I would have followed it up with a prayer asking that little boys will always do what their moms and dads want them to....

stephanie said...

Addie used to say Magoon too! As I am writing this I am fighting with Trey who seriously ate lunch about 5 minutes ago and he is ready for dinner now. My kids and Dan must be related.

LC said...

That would be a pretty great kid life to be able to live at Lagoon.
Fun that you got to go!