Saturday, August 13, 2011

Running the River

A week ago today I was getting home from girls camp.  I was so exhausted I felt like I was rather fuzzy headed and I had multiple layers of dirt, bug spray, and sunscreen from the three days of river rafting and camping.

We went to Moab, changed into our swimming wear, got our life jackets, and got on a bus which drove us to the launch site.  The fun had begun!  Some of my favorite things were:
1.  Our first short float down a small section of the Colorado River without the boats.
2.  The good company of the nice girls and ladies in our ward -- including my Kayli.  I was glad to have someone from home there so I wouldn't get too homesick!
3.  The rapids, which were only class 1, or 2 at most (out of 5).  They were fun, especially in one of the "duckies" (which were two people kayak type boats).  I think I had a silly grin on my face every time I went through rapids.
4.  The scenery was gorgeous and I wished several times that I had packed a camera after all.
5.  No pranks were played on me.  I could hear them going on around me.  I opened my eyes to look at the stars but I was too tired to focus and everything was a blur and so I just listened to the fun until it was quiet enough to sleep.
6.  Derek's cot.  It has a mattress and everyone was jealous.
7.  The hat I borrowed the second and third day which kept my face from being fried.

The lack of running water and the smelly bathrooms with piles of buzzing flies was not my favorite.  I haven't missed them once.  The last morning I woke thinking "I smell like one of those potties".  Our YW president woke up just then and said "I smell awesome!"

There was a mishap with the cot and it didn't make it home.  It ended up with a different ward an hour north.  My friend went through quite a bit of trouble to track it down and drove a couple of extra hours to get it.  I'm rather impressed with her, and Derek will be extra thankful when he goes out camping soon.


Saimi said...

You went to Moab for girls camp! Lucky!! Man, I would totally love girls camp if we got to go to Moab!

I haven't been in YW for some time now but I have done my share of girls camp. Love the girls, but the camping....not so much..but MOAB man oh man!!

Megz said...

I'm sorry you left your camera behind too. I don't think the fun river rafting part could have made up for lack of decent potties and running water though. Glad you had fun in spite of that!

stephanie said...

parts of that trip sound great! however, I am not a good camping person. I like warm snuggly beds, nice big jetted tubs and normal toilets. I am amazed at all of the women who love going to girls camp. I think there must be something wrong with me.

LC said...

If girls camp involves river rafting then yes! sign me up!
That sounds like a great time!

Linda said...

It sounds like a very fun time! I'm trying to figure out who snuck into your campground to steal your cot. That's pretty funny. Girls Camp gives you a chance to appreciate what a beautiful world we live in! Glad you're home safe and sound.

TisforTonya said...

yours definitely sounds like more fun... or maybe it's just the cot that sounds better...

the potty smell I am glad to have skipped :(