Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Brother's Hike

In August was the annual "Brothers Hike".  The brothers and brothers-in-law from Derek's side of the family, and his Dad when he is not on a mission, try to get together to tromp through the woods together (or some other scenic location).  This year not many could go -- just five.  They went to the Uintas.  Trent took pictures and generously shared them with us.  Derek asked me to pick a few and print them for his scrap book.  Since this generally IS our scrapbook I thought I would post them with a thanks to Trent for taking them and getting them out to family.

Jordan, Trent, and Derek

Jordan, Doran, Quinn, Derek

Derek, Quinn, Jordan

One of these boats had a big leak.  Quinn got to hold his finger over it the whole time they were on the lake so they wouldn't sink.  He had a life jacket on just in case.  (Okay so they probably all worse those).


TisforTonya said...

haha - just laughing because I hadn't heard the whole hole story... but he did spend the few days after returning patching said hole :)

LC said...

I'm sure BD would have traded in sprinkler installation for that any day...Darn.