Thursday, October 13, 2011

Championship Game

The soccer team that Hamburger puppet attended was the championship game.  For the third year in a row Connor was on the winning team!  The last two years they gave him a trophy.  This time they got to wear their trophy.  This is the last year that Connor can play city league soccer.  Our town only has teams through the 8th grade.  This year he not only played with Mason (his friend who has also been on the winning team all three years), but also with his friends Kevin and Clayton.  He was coached by his scout master and the scout master's son-in-law.  They had a really good time.  Connor is a great soccer player and especially likes playing as a defender.  He is very good at keeping the ball away from the goal he is protecting.  Congratulations to Connor!


LC said...

Way to go Connor! Soccer rocks!

Michelle said...

Well done, Connor! Is HS ball the next step?

Marcy said...

That is GREAT! (It's always fun to play, but especially for a winning team!)